Time for an update

I really haven’t done much since publishing The Midnight Rambler. Most of my efforts went into supporting the tour and hoping to drive traffic to those who hosted me.

Since all the posts were unique, I shared them all here. That way you’re hearing from me, but the content was hosted elsewhere. All of my hosts are wonderful people and I hope you found some new favorite blogs, and possibly a new author to check out.

Before I abandon the topic, The Midnight Rambler could use some more readers and reviews. It will live on my sidebar for about a year and all you have to do is click.

I spent this morning reading. This isn’t a review blog, but it turned out to be the best story I’ve read this year. I just posted a review on all the sites, and you might want to check out The Necromancer’s Daughter.

My next amazing stunt will be to reread my two works in progress. It’s time to get familiar with what I’ve already produced, probably make an edit along the way, then start moving these stories ahead once more.

I only have to work two days next week due to a medical appointment, a vacation day, and one holiday. I might even be writing again before it all wraps up.

There is one other issue I’m going to bring up and it involves things like Copyright. I discovered one of my Lisa Burton posters on a friend’s blog this morning.

Lisa Burton exists to promote my writing career. I share her artwork frequently, but it’s for my own purposes. You will find it here, on my blog tour posts, and occasionally at Story Empire.

When I share the posters, I always invite people to use them as screen background, share on social media, and what have you. Lisa is perfect for Pinterest.

Lisa Burton
I do it, too. You can see all the icons on my iPad.

You have to understand that I don’t care if you share them. Print one and frame it. Get it tattooed on your back. This isn’t the same as using her to promote something outside my control.

However, using her to promote your site or books or anything else isn’t something I’m fond of. Lisa is not a free-use character, in prose or her images.

I get it, that Lisa is picturesque and draws attention. I designed her that way. I also shell out a lot of money for these posters and hold the rights to them.

I might have approved the usage, but I wasn’t even asked. I also wasn’t credited in any way. I want to remain friends with everyone and am not going to call anyone out. It could be that someone just didn’t understand the rules.

Let me hear from you. The tour is behind me. I read a great story, and am looking forward to producing new words very soon.



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21 responses to “Time for an update

  1. Wow. Sorry about the copyright issue. Hope you can get that taken care of.

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  2. I bet whoever used Lisa didn’t understand the rules. You did a nice job of letting people know. Glad you’re going to be writing again. Yay for new words! I’m trying to remember. You have a space monkey sci-fi and a post-apocalypse story, right? Enjoy!

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  3. Copyright is meaningless if you don’t assert it. You need to send a polite take-down notice and state what you said here. Lisa was created by you and the artist, to promote your books. Other uses may dilute your brand. Concern about hurting their feelings is very kind, but don’t let them continue to take advantage of you.

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  4. Yeah, I hate it when people lift my stuff. All my books are copyrighted, and I vigorously go after those who infringe on those rights. I wouldn’t be passive on this. I would send the offender a
    note explaining your rights and ask them to take the image down

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  5. Rules? On the internet? On the written word? One succesful mainstream author, published in several languages, wondered why her books tanked in South America. Turns out one of her research assistants was translating her work before it hit the streets and calling it her own. The author was demonized as a plagiarist. What, only lip service extradition in Brazil? Man, disable right click or give it away. According to a plagiarism checker I inadvertently discovered I have a rough draft novel up in some Slavic country, lifted straight from my site to theirs. Theft is the pitfall of Indie marketing. If it’s up, somebody’s gonna steal it. Sorry it happened, but you know Lisa is always only about half a step away from arrest by profiling.

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  6. You did well with Lisa.
    Thank you for creating her.

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  7. I absolutely loved The Necromancer’s Daughter. Diana spared nothing in this story! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think you have the right approach about anyone using Lisa to promote something other than your work. Best wishes!

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  8. Thanks so much for the shout-out for The Necromancer’s Daughter, Craig. What a treat to find it here this morning and that wonderful review on Amazon. I’m super touched that you read and enjoyed the book.

    And sorry about the copyright infringement. When I see a site using other people’s work without attribution I always comment, nicely, but firmly. I agree with John that letting the offender know is worthwhile. Sometimes they just don’t realize what they’re doing (new to blogging) and need to learn the rules. Innocent or not, it makes them think twice about doing it again.

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  9. Another fan of The Necromancer’s Daughter! I loved it. I’m hoping the use of the poster was just a misunderstanding and you get it cleared up, Craig.

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  10. Victoria Zigler

    I hope the person took the poster down, or at least added something in the post to promote your work and give you credit for creating Lisa and your artist credit for drawing her.

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