Hello, Friend!

I’m over at Judy Lynn’s place today. This stop on the tour we’re discussing keeping a series like this going. It’s kind of the risk of over-rewarding your characters when they have more stories to tell. While you’re there, Judy has a great blog that’s well worth following. Her Muddy River series also makes for great Halloween reading, so you might want to check those out. Stop over and leave a comment.

Judi Lynn

I’ve never met C.S. Boyack, but we connected on the Story Empire site, and I now think of him as a friend. Since I like him so much, I’ve read some of his books and left reviews for them. He’s not my usual read, and maybe that’s why I enjoy his work so much. Speculative fiction’s unusual for me with lots of flair and imagination. I didn’t start Lizzie and the Hat at the beginning of the series, but once I started reading it, I’ve read every new one that’s come out. They’re short and fun. My absolute favorite book he’s written is still Serang, but he knows that:) I really enjoyed the Lanternfish series. For a quick read over a weekend, though, it’s hard to beat Lizzie. And it just so happens, Craig just published a brand new book in the series, so I invited him here to tell…

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4 responses to “Hello, Friend!

  1. Great post, Craig. Wishing you all the best! 💕🙂

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  2. This is a series that can keep going for as long as you have innovative ideas.

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