Struggling with myself

I have a three day weekend going on. It’s a relief to get a break from the workaday world, but I’m struggling not to be an author right now. It’s an odd stance for me.

This is because touring the new book is going to happen all month. There will be tons of new content from me, but it will be on guest spots that I’ll reblog over here.

I came so close to opening my WIPs and getting reacquainted, but managed to resist. The master plan was not to look at them again until November.

I surfed through the first two posts a couple of times to respond to comments and tweet them out again. I toyed with the idea of television, but resisted that, too.

Finally, I cracked open a new book. I don’t do nearly enough reading and it drew me in enough to really let me get away for a few hours.

I intend to spend time with it over the next two days. Reading is good for me and this is the perfect time for it. When get a few spare hours, rather than rereading my own work in anticipation of writing time I won’t have, I’m doing something positive.

I managed to move my mail-in ballot over to my workspace, but still haven’t opened it. I’ll probably do that tomorrow after I call my mother. Politics has become such a toxic environment I’m down to voting for those I hate least, or against those I hate most. I don’t really need that energy right now, but will get to it before work starts once more.

As for me, you can find me on the tour route. I think there are some fun posts ahead and Lisa Burton will be stumping for me, too. She has some cool new posters to share with you.

I also managed to write and assemble my next Story Empire post today. It’s rare for me to be so far ahead over there, but it feels good to have it scheduled.

Story Empire is doing really well these days. Our views and comments are up, and as a blog it surpassed Entertaining Stories a few months ago for number of followers. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should. It’s a group blog dedicated to helping authors and covers a broad swath of topics. We post in turn and I always learn something from my partners. I hope a few of my tidbits are helping some of you.

Anyway, this is a weekend more dedicated to relaxing, and I could use some of that. I intend to read. Might check out “Andor” on Disney. As an author I promise not to do anything except the occasional bit of research and a few notes for future projects.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, too. With or without the Monday holiday.



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29 responses to “Struggling with myself

  1. Enjoy the relaxation. With you on the voting thing.

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  2. I too, need to catch up on my reading. Not to review, just for fun…

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    Enjoy your down time, Craig, and reading!

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  4. It’s great to read. Helps re-fill the well with new ideas, and you can see some of the author’s techniques that you might want to use.

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  5. What was that old PSA “Reading is FUNdamental.” Enjoy. Nice boost of Story Empire. Best wishes on the tour.

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  6. So what are you reading???


  7. Hope you’re recharged by November. Enjoy your down time, and glad you found a good book!

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  8. I managed some writing today. Not much, but it propelled me to the end of a chapter in my WIP.

    I’ve also got a REALLY good book I’m reading and can’t wait to get back to it tonight.

    You really hit the nail on the head about politics when you said you’re “down to voting for those I hate least, or against those I hate most.” It’s wretched we’ve come to this, but I feel the same way.

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  9. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you’re taking some time to relax between visits to various tour posts (I’ve been sharing around the ones I’ve seen, by the way). Enjoy the down time while you can.

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  10. Everything feels so busy right now, doesn’t it? I also find it hard to write during tours, and the politics of the day doesn’t give me any peace of mind either. I can’t wait until January when everything slows down. Relaxing is good, Craig. Get some of that in.

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  11. It’s always good to have some down time, Craig. And I’m with you on politics – you nailed it.

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  12. Voting? I bow out. My vote doesn’t change anything, and I’m done with the whole political spectrum of wealthy crooks. But that’s just my personal opinion. Glad you found a good book to read!

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  13. Hi Craig, it is interesting to me that you have put your writing on hold while you tour your new book. Perhaps I should do that too. I always go from one to the next without a break. Of course, a lot of my writing is for children so it doesn’t have the involved complexities of writing for adults.

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