Something for Halloween

October is nearly upon us, and in typical fashion I have something to share with everyone.

Life has been busy, and I’ve had to target what I can do as opposed to what I’d like to do. I still have company, and I’ve dedicated a large portion of time to being a good son.

One of the things I did was to silently publish The Midnight Rambler last weekend. I didn’t make a big deal about it, because all my promo posts are targeting the month of October. What I really wanted was the purchase link to send out with my tour posts.

Old What’s Her Face is taking Mom home tomorrow, meaning I’ll have the whole house to myself. I sent out the first week of promo posts to make sure I didn’t drop the ball.

This weekend I’m going to send something to everyone I have scheduled. I think I have a couple of extra posts and might contact some of you directly to see if I can put them to good use.

If you’d like like to go hunting for an ancient monster with Lizzie and the hat, I’d appreciate everyone giving it a chance. This one goes down during a major flood event, and Lizzie might even have a pseudo-boyfriend out of the deal.

This series involves stand alone stories that make sure you don’t have to read the predecessors to enjoy the story. They’re also short novel length and readers seem to appreciate that, too.

I’ll be sharing the blurb and a bunch of points about the book during my tour. For tonight, you get a cover and a purchase link. Then I’m going back to being a good son for one more night.

Get your copy here:


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47 responses to “Something for Halloween

  1. Good luck with the October promos 💜

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  2. I hope your October promos pull in a ton of readers.

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  3. Enjoy your mom and then good luck with your new book! I drank to you tonight (and for my birthday:)

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  4. That is one of your best covers ever!

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  5. Ha! I already bought this book, Craig, as it is one of my two planned Halloween reads. I got the notification from Amazon when it was published because I follow you. I will be sending you my post for Haunted Halloween Holiday this weekend. I have made a YT video which takes me a little longer than just writing something. I hope that timing works for you. If not, don’t stress, you can just hold it back until a good time.

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  6. Just in case I haven’t already offered, I would enjoy promoting this book for Halloween, Craig. Love the cover!

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  7. Hope I’m on your list of promoters, Craig 🦍

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  8. Wishing you well with this one and looking forward to hosting you next week. Enjoy the weekend!

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  9. Enjoy time with your mom. This cover is great. Good luck with the promos and release.

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  10. Huge congratulations on publishing your latest book! The cover is awesome. This looks like a fun read for sure. I hope your tour pulls in lots of new readers as well as sales. Wishing you all the best, Craig. Have a wonderful weekend 💕🙂

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  11. Mar

    Your cover!!! I love it!! It gives me all the October feels! ❤ Congratulations on the release, Craig! If you need any more volunteers, I'm always happy to host!

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  12. D.L. Finn, Author

    I just finished Midnight Rambler last night, Craig. Another great addition to the Hat stories! The perfect Halloween read 🙂

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  13. Love the cover, Craig, and a perfect choice for an October read. Have a wonderful tour and great success with the latest in the Hat series. 🙂

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  14. What a cover! Bravo! Good luck with the promo!

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  15. Congrats, Craig! I’m starting on this book today!

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  16. This is such a cool cover, Craig. Off to Amazon to get my copy!

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  18. Advanced ,Happy Halloween…

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  20. I think your decision to silently publish The Midnight Rambler was an awesome idea. I love Halloween so this book sounds amazing!

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