Vacation day four: New words and new problems

Technically, this is the last day of my vacation. Everything remaining is the weekend. They’re still leisure days, so who cares about technicalities.

I wanted to get some kind of word count out of the deal, and am satisfied with how things went. Mari left her last mentor and headed into the wilderness once more.

She wound up in a new town and used her newfound sense of smell to some advantage. I made it kind of embarrassing, because she had to sniff the abandoned saddles of the killers she’s after.

All told it came to most of a chapter. I’d like for her to spend more time here, but she’s probably discovered everything she’s going to and needs to move on.

President Biden posed a new problem for me. In “Old Paint,” Lizzie is manipulated into helping a secret branch of the FBI with a paranormal problem. I’ve posted about this before. However, the leverage was her unpaid student loans.

Part of my story is based upon an earlier era, where they used to seize assets to pay the loans down. Most typically a car. It’s fiction, and really happened, so I’m content here.

Biden threw me a curve by forgiving student debt, but I can work with it. First, Lizzie’s debt exceeds any forgiveness being offered. (Spoiler) Since Lizzie takes a lot of her hits from everyday life, I decided to add the debt forgiveness to the story at the end. Meaning, she does all this work to pay her debt, then after she finishes, the President forgives it all anyway. It really feels like something that fits into Lizzie’s journey.

What I don’t like is having this put a timeline on the series. I don’t want to release this book until early next year, and will stick to my guns. I kind of like reflecting some current events in these stories, like the various conspiracy theories that get into Night Bump Radio.

I’d rather not have been so spot-on, but really don’t have a choice. I can ignore the reality and forge ahead, or include it. I’m choosing to include it. I need a few more words for that story, and if Lizzie has a big tantrum it might even help.

On a side note, my Story Empire friends and I had a laugh about things I dream up coming true. I’m the guy who published Viral Blues two months before an actual global pandemic. The latest jab was the death of the weather witch in Good Liniment. Seems like the weather has gone to crap since then.

After the student loan thing, maybe I should write about the cure to cancer, or Covid. I really wish the grid from Grinders would come true, but it seems I don’t have control over that.


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37 responses to “Vacation day four: New words and new problems

  1. If only it were that easy. Hope the weekend is good.

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  2. It is funny how authors sometimes seem to almost predict the future. Would you mind bringing the weather witch back to life. I really don’t fancy a drought this summer. Hehe!

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  3. A touch of irony would be fun, that Lizzie’s blackmailed into helping the agents and then the president forgives student loans. It would make you feel used, and she WAS used. Sounds like you had a good writing day. Wishing you a great weekend!

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  4. 🤣I love it! You know, a story about a writer whose stories come true is an interesting concept as well. Leave it to a writer to use their vacation to work on their WIP. I’m the same way, though. Enjoy the weekend!🥰

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  5. Maybe we could have you write something about getting a new President.

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  6. That’s pretty funny about the debt forgiveness and great that you could fit it into the story. Brings a little sense of reality without taking away the fiction. I know what you mean about our stories turning real. I planned the first ‘Bedlam’ book in late 2014 and even added ideas for future adventures. One of them was an arrogant billionaire returning to the Shattered States, claiming he was the only one who could fix things, and prove to be a petty, vindictive bastard that targets the heroes for refusing to join his forces. I also finished the first book 3 days before Trump’s first ‘border wall’ speech. Really had to stare at my own creation for a while to decide on if I should junk it.

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  7. The loan forgiveness has to pass a couple of legal litmus tests – primarily discrimination against those who have paid or refinanced. Hell of a way to buy votes.

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  8. It might not be as much of a problem as you think, with the loan forgiveness. Many students owe over $100,000, and only $10,000 was forgiven for most of them. So she could have a ray of hope, but then realize she still has so much more to do.

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  9. Just wait. All those people whose college tuition I am going to be paying with my taxes (so they can have their majors in gender studies) are just going to run out and get more loans.

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  10. It is ironic that things you write about seem to come to pass, Craig. You have to admit it’s a tad bit on the spooky side. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your vacation and I know you are not looking forward to Monday.

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  11. That’s so funny that Biden threw you a curve ball. Better now that when the book comes out. That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about when writing fantasy. 🙂

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  12. Well, it couldn’t hurt to write a story about the cure for cancer and see what happens!

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  13. Fun to read about the student debt conundrum, Craig. I skipped over the Spoiler Alert, looking forward to my future read of it. In one of your books (Lanternfish?) the futuristic images were too frightening and vivid, seeing San Francisco underwater, the only one of your books I had to abort…it was giving me nightmares. A testament to your vibrant imagination and writing. Cheers my friend.

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