Vacation day two: Date Night

I managed one and a half pages yesterday. That’s it for writing. Digging back through my archives, it seems like about 1500 words is the norm, but I have days like this, too.

The big plan was going to the fair anyway. We had a good time, but it was hot. I feel for you women, because I got boob sweat in the sweltering heat.

The fair wasn’t up to snuff this year for some reason. I grabbed a few pictures to share.

This is the place where you get all your food. There are carnival rides in the distance. We both had a prickly pear lemonade. I opted for a gyro, but it was mostly salad. This is odd, because this place has been awesome over the years. I had every intention of sampling all kinds of things, but it didn’t work out that way.

Mechanical bull — nope.

The poultry barn has chickens and rabbits, with a few other kinds of birds. There were probably a third of what’s usually in there. I snapped this goth chicken for you.

The main exhibit hall was a kind of split. Painting and photography are still pretty popular. The produce section was a let-down. There were no big pumpkins to share this year. Baking had one display. Even it wasn’t as special as past years.

No free samples

I headed for the photography, but Old What’s Her Face said the gates were opening for the concert, and that kind of ended our browsing.

Pat Benatar put on a great show. We’ve seen her before and knew it would be good. The best part is the fair concerts are free with the price of admission. We had to sit in the heat for an hour or two waiting for the show to start, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten decent seats.

We were back a ways, but our days of standing on the field are over. The bleachers were a bit much, but Old What’s Her Face blinked first. We walked down to the main level, grabbed bottled water, and finished the show on our feet. (Don’t tell her, but my back was killing me, too.)

Might get some writing in today some time. I also have the formatted MS back from The Midnight Rambler. I need to push it through Amazon’s machine even though I don’t want to publish yet. It’s the best way to see if my silly graphics moved somewhere other than where I want them.


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35 responses to “Vacation day two: Date Night

  1. Sounds like a fun time even though a few things were lacking. That is really weird about the gyro being mostly veggies. Maybe they didn’t have a lot of meat to work with.

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  2. Sorry the fair isn’t as good this time around. Great you got to enjoy Pat Benatar! Yep, that boob sweat is no fun, lols 😂. Happy writing if you manage it, and if not, enjoy your time off! 💕🙂

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  3. Luckily in NC, the fair is in October. No way would I go out in August heat!

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  4. At least Pat Benatar was worth the price of admission. Still a vacation day is better than a work day.

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  5. I’m not surprised the fair was sparser than usual, given the economy. It’s still nice that you got to go, though. I love the goth chicken. (Laughed at your avoidance of the mechanical bull.) And how cool that you got to see Pat Benatar!

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  6. We have the State Fair from hell, and it was off last year. The trouble here is they spread the food out so you have to hunt it down, a generally loud, stinky, crowded process. We have 4 stages, none of which have anyone playing I’ve ever heard of but two country acts. And a Journey tribute band. Isn’t Journey pretty much their own tribute band? Pat Benatar – I had a music biz story about her from my Bay Area daze, but it was almost second hand so… The takeaway from your fair day – turn it up, even when your back hurts!

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    • Thanks, Phil. We’re seeing a lot more venders that are not unique. Things like car dealerships are showing up, as opposed to the Etsy store crowd.


      • Around here the fair is a little pricey for the Etsy types. They load up stalls at the “flea markets” and weekend trade days. Except this summer when it was 109 degrees it was like what if they gave a flea market and nobody came. Even the guy who makes clocks out of classic albums was afraid they’d warp.

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      • Weather has been crazy all over the country. We set the all time record for days over 100, and it looks like we’re going to break that several more times.

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      • Ow. We missed the record but we’re knocking on the door of record days without rainfall. Then broke the all tim3 record for August rainfall in one day… crazy for sure.

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  7. We drove to one of our favorite fairs two years ago because it has horse races along with the food and animal stalls. We’re older now, though, and didn’t have any kids to drag around, so it felt sort of flat. Not sure if we’ll go again.

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  8. This reminds me, I need to find out when our County Fair is. I think a lot of people are still down from the pandemic, though.

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  9. D.L. Finn, Author

    Soubds like fun. I missed our fair this year. Enjoy your time off.

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  10. Fairs are always fun but sorry this one was a little disappointing. Pat Benatar is terrific. Thanks for sharing your day.

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  11. Hi Craig, I’m glad you enjoyed the show. Perhaps some people are still worried about covid and avoiding crowds. That might be why there was less stuff on show.

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  12. Things just aren’t the same as they used to be, Craig, and your fair experience is a good example. Salad on a gyro at a fair? That’s just not right. Pat Benatar is amazing always! Glad you enjoyed her show.

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  13. Gwen M. Plano

    Looks like fun, even if it was a little disappointing. Covid has changed our lives for sure. I love the photos!

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  14. Boob sweat is no joke. Not a good feeling. Sorry the fair wasn’t up to snuff this year, but it sounds like the concert was worth going.

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  15. Victoria Zigler

    Glad the concert made up for the fact the fair itself wasn’t so great.

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