Vacation day three: Into the Amazon

I had plans to shove my manuscript through Amazon’s machine today to see how it held up. I managed to do that, but not without some drama.

First, I had to bring the Mac into the modern era. It’s still all screwed up with my son’s passwords and not recognizing anyone but him now. I managed to get it to a point where it’s relatively functional.

Then there was the office drama. I nearly got called back to work today. Fortunately, it was something we could deal with over the phone, but it put me off my game for a while.

When it came down to it, I got my chance with Amazon. I had to put out an entry level blurb before it would let me advance to the screen I needed. That’s something I’ll have to address once I’m ready to publish.

Amazon found some spelling errors that kind of pissed me off. Why didn’t Apple flag these while I was writing the damned thing? These are mostly medical terms, so they didn’t jump out at me during my reviews. One involved a word that should have had a double-t, and I just missed it.

Several of my silly cartoons wound up in the wrong spots. My section breaks are also silly cartoons since I can’t find a font to insert a bass clef.

I contacted my formatter, and she’s a trooper. This is another reminder to start ahead of time if you have a target publication date. Many books it really doesn’t matter, but Lizzie and the hat always do better during the Halloween season. It will be here before I know it, and I still have promo posts to write.

I may have to send my formatter a gift card, or just PayPal her a tip or something.

No new words today, but that’s okay. Not all progress is word-count. I need to see if AutoCrit or something can find some of those spelling errors for me.

Task list: Promo posts, get my son’s footprint out of the Mac, fiddle with AutoCrit.


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30 responses to “Vacation day three: Into the Amazon

  1. Gwen M. Plano

    Congratulations, Craig, you’ve managed the hurdles, and soon your latest will be rushing to waiting readers. 😊

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  2. Always fun when work starts looming over a vacation, but at least you kept it at bay. Target publication dates have never gone in my favor. Something always happens and I’m forced to delay. Hope you have much better luck.

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  3. I can so sympathize with having a kid fiddle with your computer. My kids have all moved out now, and I can call my computer my own, but it used to take a while to switch everything back to my settings when they were underfoot. Glad you started on your book with enough time to not panic when things go wrong. Sounds like you made decent progress to me!

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  4. Here’s hoping you get all the wrinkles ironed out in time to upload when you want.

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  5. Glad you didn’t have to go in to work. That always pulls a chunk from the day. Spelling errors are always the curse. Not sure of the best program. I use Grammarly since it covers all my outgoing communications. I think the Apple or MS check sucks. Getting the book this far with Amazon is a good thing.

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  6. Sounds like great progress that’s taken a chunk of work and time. Here’s hoping the next stages run smoothly. Have a great weekend, Craig 💕🙂

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  7. I lucked out one Christmas and got a significant discount on a lifetime subscription to Prowritingaid. It’s been really helpful.

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  8. So glad you didn’t have to give up some of your vacation. That seems to happen more now than before.

    It’s always best if you can get ahead of the curve. You found the mistakes before going live and it will save you headaches after your release.

    Can’t wait for it.

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  9. I love AutoCrit but always forget to use it. Sigh.

    Glad you caught your mistakes early. Sorry for all the hardships.

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  10. Oh my, there’s always something, isn’t there? Glad you’ve got a plan for the rest of it. 🙂

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  11. HI Craig, I also have a book that’s launched for Halloween so I share your pain about the promotional posts writing. All the best with it. I hate it when work calls while I’m on holiday. It ruins all the relaxation for the entire day.

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  12. I don’t want to think of what any of my ms would end up like without critique partner, Judy Lynn (Post). When she’s done spanking me for simple errors, it goes to line editing and then another critique partner who used to work for lawyers. No matter how hard I try, there are always error somewhere. After 35 books, I’ve only had one without an error. Sigh. In other words, stop beating yourself up. We are doing the very best we can.

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  13. See? There is an error in my last message. (Insert another sigh here.)

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  14. I always have to redo my formatting a few times and reload into Amazon again and again. Thank goodness for the preview function and the ability to keep trying. Hope it all works out in the end.

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