Vacation day one: Author problems

I worked on Lizzie and the hat this morning, and am struggling with a few different things. This usually means it’s time to jump stories.

As I take this series further, I’m getting great mileage out of expanding the supernatural world around Lizzie St. Laurent. If you’ve followed the series, Good Liniment is a prime example. The witches coven is fertile ground to spawn new tales.

I’ve done some of that, but don’t want it to become a theme. I never want to feel like I’m dialing it in because I have access to more powerful characters to help Lizzie in her efforts.

My intent is for Goodbye Old Paint to be more light-hearted and geared more toward the humor side. Past tales did this with a scoop of graphic violence, but this one doesn’t really need that.

I finished my chapter this morning, and the monsters behind the story have all been dealt with. Problem is that I’m at just over 30,000 words. I want all these to come in at slightly over 40K. That’s one hell of a denouement.

I added a section about Night Bump Radio and that always seems to fit into these stories. What’s left is returning some of the blackmail to the government agents who forced Lizzie into this project, a gig with her band, then a girls night with her new besties. (Two witches)

At the outside, I could include an epilog about the government domestic spying. Kind of like horror films always show you the real monster still exists.

Including any or all of these things feels right, but I don’t know if there’s 10,000 words there.

Part of the fun of writing an ongoing series is all the new ideas. I came up with a cool character that’s going to force me to dive into philosophy, and a monster that’s kind of gruesome and unique. Fortunately, I have years to think about them and find a plot for them.

I’ll have to figure out how, with my monster killing the homeless people and leaving no evidence behind, how is Lizzie ever going to get on the trail in the first place. Right now my options are Detective Joe Yoder, or Kevin the vampire. Maybe something else will come to me in the next year.

I need to figure out my new unaffiliated witch/circus midget/former philosophy professor and what kind of monster Lizzie will be chasing to lead her to his door. Then it’s all going to lead to a bipolar talking toilet, because it is one of those stories.

I’ve started cheat sheets for both characters so I don’t forget anything.

It really does feel like time to switch back to Mari’s story in the swamp. Maybe something will pop into my head while I’m being more serious.


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29 responses to “Vacation day one: Author problems

  1. Holy cow! You gave me a lot to think about. A bipolar talking toilet? I hope I never meet him/her. Too embarrassing. I’m horrible with philosophy. Hope I can keep up. Your brain must be working overtime. It all sounds like fun, though.

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  2. This should be titled “Organized Commerce Vacation, Author Update.” Sounds like 10,000 words won’t be a problem when you put your creativity to it.

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  3. Congrats on the progress. The ideas you come up with are rather wild. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the words ‘bipolar talking toilet’ put together on purpose.

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  4. I loved the thought of a bipolar talking toilet. Made me laugh.

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  5. Your thing with the homeless disappearing is, they aren’t as invisible and unregarded as it might seem. There are social workers, charity outfits, and common citizens who do pay attention to the homeless and would notice if they were gone.

    For example, a homeless man in Spokane had a corner near an espresso stand where he would sit with a sign every morning. Then one day, he wasn’t there. The regulars asked at the coffee shop, and the shop called to report him missing. Shortly after, the police announced an unknown person had been murdered. The coffee shop patrons were the ones who gathered funds for a decent funeral and followed up with police until the killer was caught.

    So a monster or evil organization might think they can just “disappear” the homeless, but it wouldn’t be so easy. Someone could come to Lizzy. Or she could talk to the police but get brushed aside because the missing aren’t “important.” That would, of course, give Lizzy the push to go freelance on it.

    Just a thought or two, anyway.

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  6. Some brilliant ideas here, Craig! Happy writing 💕🙂

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  7. I’ll always vote for more of Kevin the vampire.

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  8. Whoo hoo!! Happy vacation! Sounds like you’ve started it with a bang and a plethora of ideas! Enjoy your week!

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    • The Muse shows up on her schedule. I’d like to bump up the word count, but I’m making notes about the new stuff so I don’t forget it. Eventually, the ideas will congeal into something, and I have outlines between here and there.

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  9. I agree; the fun is in coming up with all this stuff. The mechanics of bringing it all to life can sometimes hurt. Enjoy your vacation.

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  10. Had to laugh. That all sounds so wild, Craig. A bipolar, talking toilet! Love your imagination. It sounds like you’re never going to run out of ideas. 🙂

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  11. D.L. Finn, Author

    You have a lot of good stuff going on. Can’t wait to read about a bipolar toliet.

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  12. I enjoyed this little peek into your writing process, Craig. Good luck with the story!

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