A reasonable effort

From a purely numbers point of view, I managed three-quarters of one chapter. It was already started, and I finished it.

Every story comes with its own challenges, and this Hat story is no different. This time, the problem comes to Lizzie, but she knows where and what it is from the very first chapter. There is no big mystery to unravel.

It involves a swarm of gremlins at a national security agency. This is a real place in St. Louis, and since these stories are in pseudo St Louis, it was a good fit.

The struggle comes from Lizzie not being outfitted to fight a swarm of tiny creatures. The .357 magnum revolvers just don’t seem to work here, and a pitchfork isn’t much better. I gained a bit from trying to find her some better gear to finish the job.

I’m at just under 3/4 of the way through the story. This one is still going to have all the crazy things, and a lot of banter, but it’s more about Lizzie powering up to a degree. Can’t be a large degree because of the ongoing nature of these stories.

I’m delving deeper into Lizzie’s circle of friends, and even introduced a new witch with a new skill set. There’s even a chapter where Noodles the turtle-dog-thing gets to help her out. It’s crazy just like he is, but she’s going to lose access to him. The hero has to cross the finish line herself.

One of my goals here is to show the struggle of young people today. Granted it’s a crazy POV, but Lizzie constantly fights to make ends meet. This story is largely about debt. There is real world bank type debt, but there’s also indebtedness to friends. I’ll have to remember to include some kind of gift for Noodles.

My desire is to wrap this one with a couple of musical gigs, then have her start paying back some of that personal debt. Right now, I have it planned as a work party that’s just a cover for a girls night with her new witch friends. I have to decide how graphic I want these girls to get when there are no men around.

I suppose the hat will be there, and he might help tone things down. He can also be a bit gossipy, so there should be some chances to let him shine. Lizzie does have one secret that can get out. I’m going to stand silent on it, because it will be revealed in The Midnight Rambler, which is being formatted as I type this. It will publish this fall. After all, what would October be without a new Hat story?

I’m also sensing a concern here. I like having access to Lizzie’s circle of friends, but I don’t want to develop a theme here. Problem leads to seeking help from the coven which allows her to succeed. I may be fortunate in that the next story will involve Lizzie on the road away from Good Liniment and all it has to offer.


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18 responses to “A reasonable effort

  1. It sounds like you’re juggling a lot of different elements in this Hat. It will be fun having Noodles back!

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  2. I like the idea of gremlins causing trouble. Smaller creatures bring in some fun challenges for heroes.

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    • It posed a couple of challenges. There is the preconceived bit from popular films. I also could not have them turn out like root monsters from Lanternfish. Tried to keep these more animalistic since they’re the “bad guys.”

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  3. I love that you’re touching on debt and such in the context of a young person. This is a real thing. One of my kids would like to move out but can’t find full time work, so can’t afford a place.

    From a gaming perspective, I’d suggest to Lizzie that when you need to hit a swarm of small targets, rather than try to hit individuals, come up with something that hits an area.

    My husband once had a character that tossed lightning bolts, but he always rolled badly and missed the target. I helped him re-work the attack so it did less damage, but would hit a one-hex area. (One hex on a grid map, the space a character takes up on the grid.) It is much easier to hit a hex than a person. This was much more satisfactory for him.

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  4. This all sounds like lots of fun, Craig! Well done on the progress 💕🙂

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  5. A timely theme, Craig. Keep going and Happy Writing.

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  6. I love these glimpses inside the making of the stories, Craig. It’s interesting to see how you fit the puzzle pieces together. Just for the record, when you release Midnight Rambler, I’m on board for helping promote it!

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  7. I’m glad to know your new work hours are impacting on your writing productivity, Craig. Well done.

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  8. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you’ve been managing to be productive with your writing. And I love the glimpses in to your story as you’re working on it.

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