Low productivity

Sean Harrington delivered some graphics about a week ago. My only real plan was to insert them into the Midnight Rambler manuscript. It’s important to keep this one moving ahead for an October promotion.

We started off by going to the farmer’s market downtown. It’s been years since we went, and they’ve kind of split it between locations. For some reason, it just wasn’t as good as past years. Old What’s Her Face still found some things to buy, like lemon cucumbers.

I kept my eye open for the breakfast burrito lady, but she was absent. Maybe she’s gone to the other location, or maybe she’s bagged it like so many others during the Covid era.

We still managed to go to lunch downtown, then swung by Whole Foods. This is another location we haven’t visited since pre-Covid.

For myself, keeping my goals small seems like a good idea. I managed to insert my silly graphics into The Midnight Rambler, and that might be it for this weekend.

I’d like to work on one of my current projects, but Sundays aren’t really good writing days. The other distraction is television. We have about four years of The Boys to catch up on, and that takes time. It’s a worthy project, and I’ll probably nudge that ahead to some degree.

I sent Sean back an email for two Lisa Burton posters. Honestly, her promos tend to draw more attention than my own. Something about her image seems to get clicks.

Promotion isn’t really one of my favorite gigs, but I’m toying with a new idea. After so many volumes of The Hat Series, I have a lot of old Lisa Burton posters. I could pick a time and do a Lisa-only tour for the series, recycling the posters since most have only been used one time. It isn’t hard to write as Lisa. Add a poster, maybe a 99¢ sale here and there, it could work.

Now it’s time to decide whether I read a friend’s book, read Midnight Rambler for a final pass, or just surrender to the television.


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26 responses to “Low productivity

  1. The Boys is really good, but can go over the top at times. There’s at least one episode I can think of where you don’t want to be eating.

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  2. The Lisa tour sounds fun. Television sounds good to me right now.

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  3. Been hectic here too. Waiting for air filters for our central air. Had to order custom filters for manufactured home. The Lisa tour does sound fun.

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  4. Whatever you decided, I hope it was the thing that worked for you! It’s hard to decide which direction to try. I like farmers’ markets, but I always end up buying things I have to make myself use before they go bad…. But they’re still fun! And good luck with Lisa promotions!

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  5. Victoria Zigler

    Sometimes it’s best to keep goals and expectations low. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you enjoy it and it goes to plan. And sorry the farmer’s market wasn’t as good as usual.

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  6. It’s sad to see so many things not come back from the pandemic, for sure.

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  7. Lemon cucumbers? Never heard of such a thing. Sounds delicious.

    If you decide to do a Lisa tour, my blog’s available. 🙂

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  8. I just finished the newest season of The Boys last week. This one’s a doozy!

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  9. Lisa posters tour… that’s a fab idea, Craig!

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  10. The Lisa tour sounds like a great idea. I love a Farmer’s Market. You’re always so busy. Why not take a break once in a while. You had some tough choices to make. Ha, ha. 😉

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  11. Hi Craig, Sunday is my best day the write. I think your idea for a blog.
    Is a great one 👍

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