I was supposed to read today

I’m a couple of books behind right now, and have some serious reading I need to get on with. I earmarked this holiday for that purpose, but it never happened.

Things were flowing so well for Lizzie and the hat, that I couldn’t help myself. The wild goose chase continues, but she accomplished some things today that should help her out with her assignment.

Joyeux had to turn Lizzie down cold. The device she wanted to borrow is still in use, and Joyeux can’t spare it right now.

Help came via Cyrus Yoder, but it was Destiny the elemental that made her new device. It’s a mallet. The old fashioned kind that looks similar to half of a rolling pin. I can’t wait to see what kind of monkey business I can concoct with that device.

Cyrus is still grouchy and reserved. Dash is still helpful when he’s allowed to be, and Noodles made his first appearance. He’s going to have a bigger role in this story, but I never got that far.

Fallout from a giant flood is part of the influence in this book. Lizzie is broke. (When isn’t she) Venues for her band are struggling, so the hat booked the band into a junior high dance. I’ll probably get to that bit on my next writing session.

It was a good four-day author stretch. I moved both Mari’s and Lizzie’s stories ahead. Mari’s word count is at 23,800. Lizzies is at 12,500.

I’d like Lizzie’s story to remain at that short novel size. So she might be 25% finished. Mari’s story is intended for a full sized novel, so perhaps 25%, but it might come in a bit shorter.

I expect things to slow down with the changes being made at my workplace. It’s okay. I have two complete novels in the can right now, add these two, and I’m in a pretty good position.

I’ll need to set aside some time to add the cartoons to The Midnight Rambler, and do a final editing pass on it before fall. I will also take time to edit book one of my space opera, which still needs a title.

I might have to use my headphones and read during the evenings. They tend to drown out whatever Old What’s Her Face has on television so I can concentrate.

I hope all of you who got a holiday found a way to enjoy it.


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30 responses to “I was supposed to read today

  1. Hey, if you’re having a productive writing day, why stop? My reading has slowed down as well (just as I went back to weekly reviews). After months of a dry spell, I’m finally writing again. I don’t want to lose my motivation.

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  2. That all sounds really exciting.

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    When you are on a roll, you need to go with it. Plenty of time to read later 🙂

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  4. Victoria Zigler

    Well, at least it was a productive weekend, even if you’re still behind on the reading pile.

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  5. Reading seems to be the poor relation around here. I manage to squeeze most things into a days work, but reading never gets a look in!

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  6. Fantastic you’re on a writing roll, Craig! I tend to find myself in phases where I’m either devouring reading or I’m writing and full of ideas. It’s rarely both at the same time for me. Good luck with the writing! 💕🙂

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  7. That’s great writing progress. I’m behind in my reading, too. (When am I not?)

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  8. I’m behind in everything. I got some writing done over the weekend. A first in a while. Anything productive is good. Take that as a win.

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  9. Wow! So many words in both books so fast. That’s great! They must be coming. I wouldn’t want to stop the flow either. Good luck with your earphones. TV distracts me when I’m trying to read.

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  10. Ah, the life of an author. I’d say making progress with both stories trumps reading. 🙂 I know I am going to enjoy both of these stories!!

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  11. Lizzie playing at a junior high dance – that’s hilarious!

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  12. Hi John, I did wonder if you were writing. It is best to go with the flow when the inspiration is there.

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  13. Oops, that was supposed to be Joan.

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  14. Hi Craig, I hope your new work hours don’t impact your writing to much. When I am very busy and work a full 10 hour 5 day week, I never find time to write during the week, which only leaves weekend.

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