Not according to plan, but I’ll take it

Today might be my last flex day ever. I really wanted to make the pixels fly, and earmarked this time for Lizzie and the hat.

All I needed to do first was go back through Mari’s story for some quick changes. I wanted to add a few southernisms and some Spanish to my dialog. Little things like Miss Kililah, as opposed to just Kililah.

I wound up getting into the story as I edited, and added 3500 words to it. I got through a tropical storm, and the Voodoo scene I’ve been looking forward to. I did some research here, and think I stayed fairly true, but also made it work for the story.

Papa Legba is an entity who can speak every language. Extinct languages and even those that haven’t been created yet. He serves as a kind of broker between us and the Gods because we can’t speak their language. His favorite number is three. I used three old fashioned keys to a really cool effect. He loves black and red, so I covered an altar with deadly coral snakes. He also loves dogs, more on that in a couple of paragraphs.

It may seem like a neat thing, or even a handy tool for Mari, but it’s actually a major upgrade. We see a lot of heroes who can fly, are bulletproof, stretchy and bendy. This story doesn’t lend itself to that. How many heroes have you ever seen with an enhanced olfactory sense?

To expand on this, Mari rescued a black & tan coonhound. She’ll have to rescue her one more time, but I didn’t get that far. Here’s Mari, having lost her family, and suffered through a brutal gang rape. I gave her something adorable to grab onto. The fact that it’s a hound with a superior olfactory sense works wonders for me. It gives me some better bonding opportunities to work with as Mari learns her way around this unique skill.

I stopped right there and moved over to Lizzie’s story. I want to read what I have so far, and will focus on that before adding any new words. I still have hopes to move Goodbye Old Paint ahead before the weekend wraps up.

If I get anything done tomorrow, I’ll check in again.


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25 responses to “Not according to plan, but I’ll take it

  1. You’ve said it before and again today. What do you mean last flex day ever?

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  2. Enhanced senses are always fun to play with. Smell doesn’t get enough attention too. So much you can do with it.

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  3. Gwen M. Plano

    I love your creativity, with or without flex days. Happy Writing!

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  4. I love to read your posts, Craig. You have such fun writing your stories!
    The perfect inspiration…

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  5. Fantastic progress, Craig. Both stories sound like a lot of fun 💕🙂

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  6. Sounds like you seized the day, Craig! Both stories sound super fun!

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  7. Victoria Zigler

    Maybe it didn’t go as planned, but it looks like it went well regardless.

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  8. Sorry you’re losing your flex day – or maybe you’d rather have 8 hours days over 10? I like the language aspect with Papa Legba. Haven’t seen that before.

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  9. Sounds like a productive day. Bummer about the flex day. I would take 4-10s over 5-8s.

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  10. Hi Craig, I am so sorry you are losing your flex days. I tried a four day week as I work reduced hours so I tried four full days and 1 day off a week. It didn’t work well, but, having read this, I am thinking I will try again.

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