Started another one

I got Mari to a crossroads in the wilderness and it poses a small geography problem. She needs to take all three options before her. I wrote one of them that allowed me to show a bit of setting and close the book on her former life. She made it back to the crossroads, and I want to think the next part over in more depth.

This meant it’s time to start on the next hat story. For some reason this one flowed better. It’s probably because I know the characters so well.

Here’s the shtick for this one. It opens with Lizzie working her dead end jobs in the wake of a disaster that happens in The Midnight Rambler. I’m still cognizant of keeping each volume as a stand alone title in the series.

A huge flood event is part of Midnight Rambler. I’m making sure to drop enough details so those who skip MR will be able to pick it right up in the next book. Those who read in order will see the continuity across the titles.

Since Lizzie lives in a basement apartment, it’s out of commission for repairs, so she’s temporarily living with Shade, her saxophone player. It’s a return favor from Lunar Boogie.

The FBI is asking for Lizzie’s help on a matter of national security. They’re forcing her into it by exposing a file on her previous goings on, then leveraging her unpaid student loans as a kind of payoff. It’s a crappy payoff, but it’s in keeping with the events of her regular life.

I may have mentioned it here, but never between the covers of the books. I never mention where Lizzie lives, because I want to make some of it up as I go. If I need a special park or event center, I don’t want to limit myself as to what actually exists. Having said that, here in author land, it’s basically St. Louis.

I found out the National Geospacial-Intelligence Agency has an important site in St. Louis. I won’t reveal the city in my story, but it fits my plan perfectly.

The NGIA is all about satellite photos, spy planes, and other geographical data. I added they can track ships at sea and a few other tidbits. They’re part of the US Intelligence network.

Turns out the NGIA has been invaded by gremlins. All Lizzie has to do is get rid of them in a big server farm.

Lizzie is living on disaster food stamps, disaster rental assistance, FEMA monies, and whatever else she can scrape together. I had some fun with her trying to sell timeshares and working for Uber Eats. Also had fun with the hat trying to sell timeshares.

I have a nice line about insurance coming up when she finally gets to the campus.

Let’s just say, I’m having a great time. Ran into a snag in writing Mari’s story in first person, then nearly starting Lizzie’s story in first person, too. Got over that after a couple of paragraphs.

I like writing two at once so I can keep making word count. I broke 3000 words on Lizzie’s next tale while dwelling on Mari’s next moves. Tomorrow is a good writing day, and I may bounce back and forth.

Not too bad for having accomplished nothing yesterday. Don’t feel at all bad about it either. It’s nice being ahead of the game.


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24 responses to “Started another one

  1. Still in awe of you writing two at the same time. I’ll get over it someday.

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    • Don’t know where I’ll take them tomorrow. I have a start and could go either direction. See how the coffee kicks in in the morning. I never thought this would work, but I’ve done it a few times and find it very productive.

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  2. Definitely a busy author. Sounds like you’re juggling the two stories pretty well. Not an easy feat.

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  3. You must have had a lot of the Lizzie story percolating in your mind. Sounds like you’re ready to go on it. The Mari story will come, but it’s a totally new and different EVERYTHING. That always takes more time. You’re starting from scratch. But sometimes, that’s fun!

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    • I have hat stories planned out for years. Something unique hits me and I add a note or two. They’re pretty mature by the time I start drafting them. I might start with Mari in the morning and see how it goes.

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  4. Lizzie has a lot going on, it sounds like!

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  5. I love reading about work and productivity… maybe I’m hoping it will rub off on me!

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  6. Sounds like fantastic progress and lots of fun, Craig! Kudos to you 💕🙂

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  7. Congratulations! You sound like Robert Frost: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both….but maybe you are!

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  8. I admire your ability to ping pong back and forth between two stories, Craig. That’s pretty amazing. The new Lizzie story sounds like another winner! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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  9. This sounds fascinating, Craig. And getting a student loan paid off would be huge. At least for my daughter;)

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  10. Still don’t know how you do it, Craig. Once I get an idea in my head, there’s no way I could work on anything else.

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  11. It sounds like you are doing fantastically well, Craig.

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