Just checking in

I haven’t updated in a while, because so much of my life is fairly routine. It isn’t like we have date night every weekend these days. There are some things folks might relate to.

Today is a day of chores. This found me crawling around on my hands and knees in the mud, but the sprinkler system is up and running now. Then I had to climb a couple of ladders to change lightbulbs in the garage. After that, I lugged some photos and paintings up to the attic. These were permanent fixtures at my office. Since we’re getting a new location we were told to bring everything home and expect limited room at the new place. I’m afraid a stark barren cubicle is in my future.

Old What’s Her Face and I decided to put out the patio furniture while we were at it. She also learned that some old vinyl records are valuable and had me look through our attic box. Turns out some of the more valuable ones we have twice. An artifact of getting married and each having a copy.

This doesn’t mean that we’re going to do whatever version of eBay exists for old records. They’ll probably stay in the attic since we no longer own a turntable.

As for writing, I started a new project. Yesterday’s word count came to over 1700. This will be a stand alone, and I shared my start with some friends who seem to like it.

I have most of a storyboard for this one, but it’s nice to be able to drift a bit during the process. One odd thing kind of surprised me. I needed a name for my main character. I outlined her as kind of a scrawny blonde of some kind. The kind who’s strong, but not muscular.

When it came down to it, she became a Cuban-American girl. Since this is somewhat post-apocalyptic, I don’t need to bleed a lot of Cuban culture into it. She’s a formerly American girl with an Hispanic look to her.

I’m glad my friends liked the start, because it will probably come out a bit darker and grittier than my usual fare. I’ve already killed two innocents in the first 1700 words.

I am a firm believer in light moments, and have a couple of animal characters I’m counting on to bring a bit of charm. Also, to make it one of my stories, I’m going to include a little magic. Since the setting is the former American South, it will be a bit of Voodoo.

This also marks a return to first person point of view for me. I love it for Will O’ the Wisp, and I’ve used it for several short stories, most notably about Jason Fogg. I think this will come across better as first person since much of the time Mari will be alone.

I have a tile I really like, because it pays homage to an old film favorite. I also have a mental block against it, because Once Upon a Time, seems to indicate something from the past. Granted it will be from Mari White’s past, and not necessarily our past. (Mariposa Rivas-White)

The working title is Once Upon a Time in the Swamp. I’d love to know what you guys think about this. I know titles don’t seem all that important during the drafting phase, but they really help me while writing.

I’m the guy who still needs a title for my space trilogy, and have two more volumes to figure that out. If you happen to be online today or tomorrow, I’d like to know what you think of my working title.


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30 responses to “Just checking in

  1. Waving hello as you fly by! 🙂

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  2. You got a lot of chores done in a short amount of time! Woohoo!

    I need to have a working title when I write. It might change over time, but a title helps me focus for some reason. I have to say, though, Once Upon a Time in the Swamp doesn’t pull me in.

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  3. I like that title. Definitely catches the attention. Sorry about the cubicle future. Been there before.

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  4. Not sure about the title. The word swamp has such an abrupt ending. It almost calls for another word. Once upon a time in the swamp grass or something.

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  5. I’ve been all about the swamps the past couple of years, so this caught my attention.

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  6. It’s always good to get chores done. Sorry about the possible future work environment. I agree with John. I’m not too sure about the word swamp. What about Bayou or or Slough? Just my thoughts.

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  7. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sounds like our weekend, chores. I like the sound of your latest, the title gives it a slightly fairytale feel, if that helps.

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  8. I’m not sure of the word swamp, from what you describe, the title deserves a better word. John’s idea seems right…

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  9. Sounds like a productive weekend if arduous. I agree with other comments on the title, and as you say, at least you have a working title while you write. The ending may well give you just the title the book needs. Good luck with everything, Craig, and sorry about the work stuff. Hugs 💕🙂

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  10. Vinyl sure has made a comeback. Son #2 has a turntable and “borrowed” several albums I still had (mostly 80s hair bands, lol). He’s been scrounging around some stores and gotten several albums pretty cheap.

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  11. The title is certainly catchy, Craig. I envision alligators with open mouths and cottonmouth snakes also showing you their teeth!

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  12. The new WIP sounds intriguing, Craig. I like dark, post-apocalyptic with moments of light. Animal characters and voodoo – good hooks there. Happy Writing!

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  13. Hi Craig, it seems like we are all being turned into robots who work in ugly little cubicles. My firm also did this and there is no space for any personal items. I think they would prefer robots who worked 24 hours a day and didn’t take sick or annual leave. I am not sure about that title One upon a time in the swamp. I don’t think I would buy a book with a title like that. It sounds like a book based on a fairy tale.

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