Quite the day, indeed

This was supposed to be the day our daughter moved into her solo apartment. She took a leave of absence when she lost her old apartment, and we spent a month setting this up and getting her a new place.

The U-Haul was full to overflowing, overflow meaning my pickup. I had the back seats, passenger seat, and truck bed completely full. Old What’s Her Face even bought her a brand new couch from the damaged and flawed room, and all it needed was legs. Easy to obtain from Amazon.

When we got to the basement apartment, I drove right to it, my wife and daughter missed the freeway exit and had to find a place to turn around. Eventually, we all arrived and spent hours lugging things downstairs. This includes a bunch of cookware and other heavy items, like the hand-me-down king sized bed.

Time for the couch. The door opened onto a landing, requiring an immediate left and stairs. We tried vertically to make the turn, but the couch was too long. We managed to booger up the fabric, the door frame, and the sheet rock, but the couch was never going to fit.

We got close, if it were only three feet shorter we would have nailed it. This left us with a unique problem.

This couch is straight from the store. They said they would take it back, but we were in Twin Falls and the store is in Boise. We had to turn the U-Haul in.

This meant shoehorning the frigging thing into my pickup with the tailgate down. We didn’t have any tie-downs, but knew someone who did.

Old What’s Her Face looked up from her phone. “100% chance of rain for the afternoon.”

Now, Idaho hasn’t had any realistic precipitation for six months. What are the odds?

Turns out the U-Haul store sells tarps and bungee chords. Just add those to the bill.

We decided it would only sprinkle at best and if it looked serious we could pull over and tarp it then.

See, the flaw in the plan was two old fat people would be the only ones available if the need arose. We pulled over just outside Twin in a hurricane.

Two people who love each other very much didn’t look quite like it as the fluorescent orange tarp flapped around our heads, and rain ran down our necks. Thankfully, the wind carried most of our language away as we tried to double up bungee chords to hold the damned thing in place.

As soon as we pulled back on the Interstate it stopped raining. Freeway speed all the way to Boise.

A huge thunderstorm formed ahead of us, and we estimated our chances of avoiding it as zero.

Sure enough, as we hit the edge of Boise it came down in a way that made the early part look like child’s play. It came down in buckets as we drove through town and wove our way home. We got drenched as we unloaded the stipulated thing in our garage. The couch was soaked, but only on one end.

That sounds promising, but it really isn’t. Some kind of moldy couch doesn’t present itself as brand-frigging-new anymore. Also, as soon as we got into the garage for the night, the rain stopped.

And that was our day. Three vehicles went to Twin Falls and one came home. Our daughter is there assembling furniture and cleaning up what turned out to be a filthy mess.

I feel like I’m going to die right now. Stairs were never my friends, but in my 60s it’s so much worse.

On the other hand, I came up with some cool scenarios and a couple of characters that would fit right into the Hat universe. Of course, I’m not writing that right now, so will need to make some notes or index cards tomorrow.

Oh, and I saw a bald eagle. If this is the kind of luck they’re starting to bring me, they can stay the hell away.


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51 responses to “Quite the day, indeed

  1. That is rotten luck for sure!

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  2. I’m sorry, but I had to smile… my life has been full of such calamitous events, the time the being delivered mattress flew off the car into oncoming traffic wasn’t amusing at the time, but we ended up smiling anyway. Here’s to the first time that couch makes you laugh, Craig…

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  3. That’s sitcom level crazy right there. Why do couches always cause trouble when moving? It’s like they’re designed to not fit through most doorways.

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  4. What a day indeed. I think your description captured the nightmare of moving in the best way. I’m glad some Hat ideas came out of that mess. My question. Why does it always rain on moving day? Thanks for sharing your horror.

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  5. Sounds like you had what I call buzzard’s luck. And pardon the pun, but when it rains, it pours.

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  6. You should totally put in a haunted sofa to one of your stories.

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  7. D.L. Finn, Author

    Glad you got her moved in but too bad about the couch. That sounds about right to have that down pour on a couch that needs returning. I’m not sure on the eagle message but I figure if everyone is ok at the end of the day maybe that’s the message. Rest up!

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  8. Oh no. Those couches are such a bulky problem, especially in older apartments. And 60’s is too old to be hefting furniture around, Craig. My daughter is moving in a couple of weeks and I’m very conveniently going to be on vacation.

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  9. You had a miserable time, but you sure made me laugh, reading about it. The Moving Gods weren’t with you this time. Hope your daughter settles in and likes her new place. If only she had a couch….

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  10. Gwen M. Plano

    I still have nightmares about moving, since our recent venture went wrong in so many ways. All the best — to everyone.

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  11. Wow. That could be one of our stories, lol. We’re moving the youngest back from Austin in a couple weeks, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s uneventful. Get some rest, Craig!

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  12. Sounds like a nightmare! Moving is never fun. On the plus side, you painted such a vivid picture of the trip. Hope your week improves. 🙂

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  13. Noe THAT is a story. And you’ve learned a valuable lesson – always measure couches and doorways!!! Glad you lived through it -sorry the ouch didn’t!

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    • Only had access to the couch. The doorway was part way across the state, but we’ll figure it out. If it were straight down the stairs, instead of that turn we would have done it. We’re formulating a backup plan right now.


  14. Torturous events always come replete with useful characters. I got mileage out of a tiny, tattooed no nonsense ex military female mechanic. Which also calls out our proclivity to judge.

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  15. Oh my goodness, Craig! Sounds like a day straight from hell! Hope you are recovering. And now what happens with the couch? 🙂

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  16. Yikes. I’m so sorry.

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  17. Oh, Craig, I feel for you. What a wretched experience! I see in the comments that the store did take the couch back. WHEW! At least that worked out okay, but I’m sure your daughter’s move is one you’ll never forget!

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  18. Your daughter is lucky to have parents to help her with the move. Your drive home sounds horrible, but there was the writing and that was good.

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  19. We’ve been there, lol. Finally figured out it’s worthwhile saving up for furniture movers rather than divorce 🙂

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  20. Victoria Zigler

    Sounds like an eventful day. Hope you’ve recovered from that by now.

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