New Release: Good Liniment by C. S. Boyack #superherofantasy #urbanfantasy #lizzieandthehat #writingcommunity @Virgilante

The tour for Good Liniment continues today over at Mae Clair’s place. Mae is one of my must-read authors. She writes romantic suspense, supernatural, and even comedy tales that rival the best ever. She’s a good friend, and one of my Story Empire partners. The topic today is a creature I created called a bog trog. Come visit with us, and while you’re there check out some of Mae’s offerings.

From the Pen of Mae Clair

red quill pen on a piece of old parchment paper, with an ink well with words Welcome Guest in script

Hello, and happy Thursday. My guest today is good friend and Story Empire colleague, Craig Boyack, here to talk about his latest Lizzie and the Hat release. I’ve read all of these novellas and thoroughly enjoyed them all. After you check out Craig’s post, be sure to take a gander at my review for Good Liniment listed at the end. And now, here’s Craig…

Thanks for letting me borrow your space again, Mae. I’m here to talk about Good Liniment. This is the newest entry into The Hat Series. Remember, this series consists of short novels that can be read in a single afternoon. They’re also stand-alone stories, so you can start anywhere you like without feeling lost. Maybe somewhere like Good Liniment.

I have my spokesmodel, Lisa Burton, out touring around with her posters, and those always lead to a few clicks. That leaves me to talk about the…

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6 responses to “New Release: Good Liniment by C. S. Boyack #superherofantasy #urbanfantasy #lizzieandthehat #writingcommunity @Virgilante

  1. It’s my pleasure to host you today, Craig. Thank you for that fantastic introduction!

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  2. I’ll see you there! 💕🙂

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  3. HI Craig, a lovely introduction to Mae and her books. Going over to read about your latest creation now.


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