I had high hopes for today. It’s a Friday flex day and that’s usually when I make the pixels fly. Best laid plans, and all that.

Life has changed with our daughter moving home. I’ve never put her off just so I can write, and never will. When she wants to chat, I pull up stakes and try to be present in the moment. Fathers and daughters, what are you going to do?

Jackson, her cat is another matter. He was kind of hiding out and checking all the corners for a couple of days. He’s content now and quite friendly. He decided to camp in my lap, which doesn’t make for good word count. He’s so cute, I couldn’t say no.

Frankie decided she was jealous and had to get up here, too.

Now they’ve moved on, and Otto is up here with me. He’s a veteran and sits off to the side, so I can at least type. Thus, the reason why I’m blogging. Even though he’s one big hunk of bulldog.

I won’t complain too loud. I could have gone in the other room, but I enjoy the company to a degree. I might have to do that tomorrow or the next day. Depends on how the conversations go.

Grand total of about one page before I gave up completely. I know it’s one more page than I had before, and have often shared that thought with others. In my case, as a weekend warrior, it can also be looked at as one page this week. That doesn’t make it look all that special.

Still, daughters, bulldogs, and kitties have value, too. There will be hours somewhere, so I’m going to enjoy the other things for now.

I’m trying to limit my blog tour to twice per week, and I’ve shared here as they post. I have new content out there if you’re following along. I’ve moved some books and the first couple of posts were quite successful. I hope it holds up in the coming weeks.

Talk to you later. Maybe I’ll have some decent word metrics tomorrow.


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21 responses to “Ugh!

  1. I think you have your priorities in the right place. Hope your weekend goes well.

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  2. LOL. You have some great distractions. A daughter, kitty, and bulldogs. Who can resist? I got in some great writing time today, but I’m quitting early. My sister’s meeting HH and me to go to the movie–The Lost City–at 5:00. I loved Romancing the Stone, and this looks just as good! Good luck writing tomorrow.

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  3. The stories make their visitations at the oddest times. They’re banked and ready for when we can let them out. There’s more going on in the cosmic radio when scratching a dog’s ears than simple time burn. Daughters? I don’t understand 95% of what she’s talking about, but when it needs to get out? Women and cats will say and do as they please. Men and dogs should just roll with it.

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  4. We promised ourselves never to put off talking to our kids when they wanted to, no matter what the time. Some of the best (and most exhausting) were in the middle of the night! Cats and dogs can be just as insistent but at least silent.

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  5. Reminds me of that whole ‘never act with kids or animals’ guideline of movies. 🙂

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  6. I’m amazed you get anything done, Craig…

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  7. Fathers and daughters, kitties and bulldogs…no choices. It’s all good!

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  8. D.L. Finn, Author

    I have always set aside writing if one of the adult kids wants to talk. Family always comes first.

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  9. Victoria Zigler

    Sometimes the kids – furry or otherwise – have to come first.

    I’ve been following the tour and sharing the posts around. Glad you’re making some sales.

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  10. Sounds like you had a lapful of furry friends, lol. Cats will always try to distract you – I speak from years of experience.

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