That was unexpected

Let’s start with the good stuff and updates. I’m seeing some sales for Good Liniment, and I hope everyone is enjoying it. There are even some pages read for Wreck of the Lanternfish. Glad I figured out it wasn’t on Kindle Unlimited. Probably cost me some sales, but it works now.

Whatever disgusting plague I had seems to be over now. I ate the equivalent of one meal over a period of a week, just so I could get up every morning to see how I felt before calling in sick. On Friday, I made it to work, but didn’t accomplish much beyond the backlog of crap. Forge ahead on Monday.

I even skipped my corned beef in exchange for two of the golf ball sized red potatoes that are part of the meal. Once I got home Friday night, I remedied that. Rumor is corned beef hash for breakfast tomorrow.

I spent a little time updating my blog. The new cover is linked in the sidebar now. I finally got it onto Goodreads, too. Just all those fiddly things that have to get finished.

I even managed to spend some time with Percy the Space Chimp today. I didn’t keep track, but it was slow going. No more than 1000 words or so. Finished a chapter at least.

That was when it was time to address the new problems. Roommate issues in Sun Valley caused our daughter to take a leave of absence, then move back to Boise. We rented her a U-Haul, then spent the afternoon unloading it here and lugging things upstairs. I also have some of her crap in my office, which is going to get more use with more people here. I left myself a path to my chair and put my headphones on charge. I’m having water now, and a preemptive Aleve.

I’ve been calendaring and sending out blog tour posts sporadically. I can only keep up with about two per week. My days of hitting multiple sites per day, or five days per week are over. I’ll keep pecking away at that, but I have all my volunteers lined up.

Our daughter’s plan is to look for a place back in her area and keep her job. Real estate in Sun Valley is ridiculous, so that dream might die hard. Fingers crossed for her, but there are a lot of jobs around here that pay as much or more than she currently makes. Some of them are even at our airport.

Jackson the cat is back, and I kind of like him.

Tomorrow is likely to be busy and noisy around here, so I don’t think much more will get done on the author front. Hope all of you have having fun somewhere, or being productive as you choose.


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33 responses to “That was unexpected

  1. Gwen M. Plano

    I’m glad to hear you are feeling better now, Craig. And to top it off, you’re productive! Good for you. If I can help with your tour, just send me a note. I’m looking forward to reading your book. It’s in line and calling for attention. 😊

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  2. Glad you’re feeling better and got some sales. Real estate seems to be crazy everywhere.

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  3. I just started Good Liniment, and the hat is quite the creative alien:) Lizzie’s mom and dad are pretty creative themselves. Good opening chapters!

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  4. I’m the same way with blogs anymore. Just can’t keep up. It’s hard enough to get posts done sometimes. I want to put more effort into writing and reading nowadays. Hugs, take care.

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  5. So glad you are feeling better and that initial sales for Good Liniment are looking good! I will be reading it soon and look forward to it. Sounds like your household will be chaotic for a while, but it’s kinda nice having a kiddo back under your roof. Have a great week ahead!

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  6. D.L. Finn, Author

    Happy you are feeling better and able to get back to writing a little. Sounds busy at your house. We have a garage stuffed with one our oldest stuff until they can get a place of their own. It’s been four years so far. Prices are horrible here too. Have a great week!

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  7. It’s hard to get much writing done between illness, marketing, and unexpected family challenges and houseguests! I’m glad you’re feeling better, Craig, and hope things sort out nicely for your daughter. Happy Writing!

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  8. Daughters. Anything. Any time. Just took grand dog home…

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  9. Glad you’re seeing some sales. Give Jackson a scratch behind the ears for me.

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  10. tmauthor

    Craig, did you know the Pulitzer Prize winning author Anthony Doerr lives in Boise? (Just sayin’.)

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  11. You “kind of” like Jackson the cat? Pfft! He’ll have you converted in no time!

    Glad you’re finally feeling better. That must have been a horrid week. I’m glad Good Liniment is getting some traction too. And thanks for posting that it’s up on GR. I’ve been waiting for that and added my review there.

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  12. Glad you’re feeling better, Craig. Sounds like it’s going to be an adjustment for everyone there for a while. We’ll be in the same situation soon. Our son in TX is moving back here and has an apartment with friends lined up, but can’t move in for about six weeks. It will be strange, but we’ll love having him home for a while. Have fun with Jackson!

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  13. Housing is out of sight everywhere, it seems. I hope she’s able to find a new place soon.

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  14. Victoria Zigler

    Sorry about your daughter’s situation. Hope she either finds a place where she was, or finds a job she’s happy with in your area.

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