Something stupid, but I fixed it

I’ve been a little disappointed in the performance of Wreck of the Lanternfish. There were a lot of people who loved the first book and encouraged me to turn it into a series. Book two did fine, and Serang picked up a lot of fans of her solo story. Why didn’t the final volume draw those same readers?

I mentioned both here and at Story Empire that most of my action has been via pages-read on Kindle Unlimited. Sales are kind of rare these days, but readers love being able to read for free.

I don’t check Amazon stats all that often, but I cruised through the other day. A friend said he was enjoying The Hat, and I thought I might find a review eventually. That’s when I noticed my error. Wreck of the Lanternfish was not available via Kindle Unlimited.

I don’t have any idea why not, I always try to set my books up there. Admittedly, some of the older ones aren’t, but Lanternfish absolutely should be. It is now. If you’ve passed this one up because of this, never fear.

Look at the sidebar.

Click on that cover and enjoy a bit of piracy. I have no idea how this happened, maybe the root monsters were “helping” me that day.

In other news, I got a manuscript back from my formatter. If I can glean it this weekend, I could publish at any time. I’ll take some time to write promotional posts, and I have to consider three new Lisa Burton posters that should be shared somewhere.

Here’s a little hint as to what might be coming…


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32 responses to “Something stupid, but I fixed it

  1. Hope that helps. Though, I know that series tend to lose readers as they progress. Even trilogies start stronger than they end. It’s the nature of the beast since not everyone who picks up 1 will move on to 2 and those who go to 2 won’t always go to 3. It’s definitely easier with shorter series though, so I’ll cross my fingers for you.

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  2. I was surprised when I tried to put one of my books on sale. I couldn’t because the KDP hadn’t been automatically extended. It only lasts 90 days at a time. I didn’t realize that. Now, I click the promote link on my self-published books to see when KDP is updated before I schedule an ad. KDP makes a big difference on my sales. Good luck adding it to the third Lanternfish.

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    I hope it makes a big difference for you 🙂

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  4. I have often wondered which is better, Kindle Unlimited or the freedom to have our books everywhere else… I wish I knew…

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  5. I get way more page reads than sales. Great for the readers but not so great for the payment difference. I can’t complain, though, because I love using KU as a reader myself. I look forward to seeing your latest book and wish you the very best of luck, Craig! 💕🙂

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  6. Gwen M. Plano

    Wishing you all the best, Craig, with your latest. You’re at the doorstep now and soon you’ll be celebrating with readers. ✨🎉✨

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  7. Glad you caught that, Craig.

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  8. It’s easy to lose track of that one little thing. I just discovered that I haven’t updated the “Books by Deby Fredericks” page on Wyrmflight to include The Renegade of Opshar or Prisoners of the Wailing Tower. Oy vey.

    Hope your results pick up now that you fixed it.

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  9. Glad you discovered the error and fixed it. KU is definitely popular these days and it never hurts to have a book listed. It’s hard to figure out just out a series is going to play out. I’m looking forward to the next Lizzie and The Hat story! AND, my blog is open to you for promotion anytime you want it.

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  10. Victoria Zigler

    Hope those readers grab a copy now you’ve fixed that.

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  11. The last book a series always seems to get the least attention for some reason. At least as far as reviews. I’ve since it with my own work and have heard a lot of series writers say the same. I think Wreck of Lanterfish was a super-strong wrap. You did a great job.

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  12. Glad you figured it out and were able to correct it, Craig. Hope this brings in some more readers and reviews.

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  13. I am glad to know you figured out the problem, Craig. None of my books are on Kindle Unlimited so if they are free, it is me providing the book.

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