International Day of Awesomeness

Hi, gang. A little something special for you today. Sally Cronin has been a huge supporter of mine, both here, and at the Story Empire blog. She’s always there to share my new releases, and to review my books.

I’ve sold books on days when Sally posts a review or shares my newest news. She’s a very active blogger, and someone every author should get to know.

She also bundles up her promotions and posts a Weeky Roundup which gives authors a second bite at the apple. She does all of this without being asked, and never asks for anything in return.

She also covers such diverse topics as cooking, health, music, and more. She’s traveled the world, and lived in an interesting few sections of it. She’s also hosted her own radio show. Through it all, she’s managed to publish over a dozen books of her own. I don’t know how she keeps up with it all, but she does.

What I’m getting at here, is that Sally is a very interesting person.

Someone smarter than I am thought it would be wonderful to do a surprise blog blast on her behalf. I couldn’t agree more.

She’s benefitted my career, and helped us grow the Story Empire blog.

It’s the least we could do to try driving some of our traffic back her direction. I think Sally is someone you should get to know. Won’t you visit her site today, leave her a comment, and check out all she offers?

Just click this link, to visit her site.

This link will take you to her Amazon Page.



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92 responses to “International Day of Awesomeness

  1. D.L. Finn, Author

    What a great post to honor, Sally, Craig 🙂

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  2. Sally has helped me in so many ways, I cannot think of anyone who deserves this tribute more…

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  4. A love post to honour Sally! She’s such an awesome human being. Thanks, Craig 💕🙂

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  5. This is almost like a blog tour, but none of the pressure! I’m having so much fun making the rounds and seeing all the love and support for Sally. Excellent tribute, Craig.

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  6. Cheers to Sally. This is a fabulous tribute for a fabulous lady. Fantastic post, Craig!

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  7. Victoria Zigler

    More than happy to celebrate how awesome Sally is. She does so much for us that it’s the least I could do to share this around and remind people she exists.

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  8. A wonderful tribute to SAlly.

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  9. Great post, Craig. Many of us writers have benefitted from Sally’s selfless promotion.

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  10. Gwen M. Plano

    Thank you, Craig, for featuring lovely Sally. She’s an amazing woman, with an incredibly generous and kind heart. What a happy day!!

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  11. I couldn’t agree more with your comments, Craig. Sally’s a wonderful support and her efforts work! Wishing her a wonderfully awesome day.

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  12. I could not agree with you more, Craig! It’s wonderful to read everyone’s comments on Sally’s generosity and support, and I can’t think of anyone who deserves to be honored on this day more! Thanks for being part of it all. You SEers have done a fabulous job!

    And Sally, my friend, you are, indeed, AWESOME TO THE MAX! Rock on, my friend! 😊🤩😊

    Thanks for a great post, Craig!

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  13. It is lovely to see Sally here, Craig. You put up a terrific post. 😁

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  14. What a lovely post, Craig. Sally is, indeed, awesome, generous, and supportive. 💖😃

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  15. Sally deserves all the kudos and more. She promotes so many of us!
    TIme to honor her.

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  16. What a nice tribute! Whoever thought of this had a wonderful idea.

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  17. Thank you Craig and sorry to be a little late.. we were out to lunch today and just catching up. I am delighted to hear that you see some sales when you are part of a promotion that really means a great deal..And I appreciate your support and fantastic support along with the other guys from Story Empire. A brilliant day thank you. x

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  18. HI Craig, this is such a wonderful idea of Story Empire’s. It is great to see Sally getting recognition and praise for her tremendous effort.

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  19. A wonderful post, Craig! Thank you for adding to Sally’s day!!

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  20. Sally has helped so many indie authors, and I’ve loved seeing her featured so many places today!

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  22. How wonderful, and so deserved Sally does so much for everyone! xxx

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  24. Reblogged this on Jacquie Biggar-USA Today Best-selling author and commented:
    I had to share this wonderful benediction to a rock star of the blogging community- Sally Cronin.
    Thank you, Craig, for saying so clearly what we all feel- Sally is the best!

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  25. Sally has the work ethic of ten, I don’t know how she accomplishes all that she does. Thanks for reminding us just how special and talented she is, Craig ❤

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  26. Cheers to sally and the far reaching fruits or her investments and seed planting

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  27. Sally has thoroughly deserved all these great reviews and accolades on this day so very well deserved 🙂 x

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  28. I’m so glad Sally is getting the recognition she so richly deserves, her very own Awesomeness Day. Can’t beat that:)
    Enjoy your pear tree, Jacqui:)

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