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Since it was payday, Old What’s Her Face and I had date night Friday. We decided to try a new place. It’s fancy and they did a good job on the building. It was the mirror opposite of the burger joint we visited two weeks ago.

If you remember, I finished a burger the size of my head and thought I was going to die. Friday I ordered grilled ahi. It was supposed to come with black rice, spinach, corn salsa, and avocado.

The tuna was sliced and spread across the bed containing everything else. If you reassembled it, it would be about 3” x 3” and 3/4 inch thick. The black rice looked really cool, but tasted like dirt. No seasonings of any kind. There were two spinach leaves, a spoonful of corn, and I swear to God, one piece of avocado about the size of a sugar cube.

I mentioned this last time, but restaurants seem to find those extremes these days. Way too much, or not enough. The tuna was great, I’ll give them that much. For the price of my ahi, I could have bought three burgers the size of my head.

We’ve been watching some shows on the premium services. I watched a Netflix vampire movie this evening. Why does a skinny female vampire lift a huge man off his feet with one hand, but later in the film struggle to drag a wounded ally away before the sun rises?

Also, why does every damned vampire story seem to have a character named Victor or Viktor? Pay attention and you’ll notice it, too.

I introduced an alien woman in my WIP and named her Taisiya. I found it in a naming list and thought it was cool. Try actually spelling it the same way twice when it comes up every third page or so.

My WIP also has a character named Auburn. Do you know how many damned times I’ve typed out Amber? I finally did a word search to fix them all to this point.

I caught a couple of times where I wanted the Snakeworks, but wrote out the Skunkworks instead. Have to dodge that one, because it’s a real place. Word search to the rescue again.

I really try to take this stuff seriously and bring new things to the table. I worry about low-hanging fruit and try to shake things up. If I ever write a vampire named Victor, just shoot me.

We checked out the first couple episodes of Endgame. Truthfully, I watched it for Morena Baccarin. Old What’s Her Face probably had a different reason. Honestly, it’s really fun. It’s so complicated I can’t see it having a long run, but I’m going to stick with it.

Managed a tiny bit of writing today, and my damned crew still hasn’t left the Snakeworks. I never intended to get a lot done today, but there are a couple-three interesting things that happened there. Percy and Buffer are disabled veterans. She has a prosthetic arm, and his is only a finger. They are very close, so I had them wake up together after a drunken debacle.

Percy is a genetically engineered Space Chimp, and she’s a human. I wrote it such that nothing happened, but it changes their dynamic. I’m going to try getting some mileage out of the term, “Mostly Human.” Genetically, he’s close. Physically, she’s referring to her missing arm. Buffer’s really hung up about the stump of her arm.

Hope I can do something creative with it. Maybe they can have a discussion where it comes up, then he can buy her a necklace that say’s “Mostly Human,” or something. I’m still dwelling on it. Hope I can make it good.

I have a Sunday regular thing where I call my parents. It’s just Mom now, but I call her every Sunday. Maybe after that I can finally send my fictional crew back to space.

Hope all of you are having a great weekend. Leave me some comments. What do you think about character names, off-beat lovers, Morena Baccarin (Loved her since V).? Anything, really.


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32 responses to “Just Rambling

  1. I think 2022 has finally decided to wake up, as everyone is getting busy!

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  2. I’ve noticed that cheaper food seems to come in bigger portions. There’s also that trend of having small portions look pretty and be expensive. Never got the point of that.

    I’m guessing vampires named Victor stem from Vlad. It’s a close American version you can do without being a direct reference to Dracula.

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  3. In a WIP I have a space cadet musician get run over by a 6 foot 1 Russian (probably now Romanian or something) wearing a “three silver dollars and shoelaces bikini” on roller skates –

    She looked at him like he was some curiosity that had fallen out of the sky. A block of frozen pee from an airliner. Or maybe a piece of Sputnik. She held out her hand.
    “Nice to meet you.”
    “You said that.”
    “You forgot the polite way of how to meet a girl, no pay attention, no apology ice cream boy. So, I try again for you. Taisia. Nice to meet you?”
    He raised his arm from the elbow, hand up. “Jackson. All there is, front or back.” She squeezed his hand like it had juice in it she needed for something. “Ow. Say that again. Twa-waw-ayzeeah?”
    “Close. Taw-eezh-ee-uh. You should see in Cyrillic. It becomes more clear for you.”

    Happy overpriced tuna!

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  4. I was totally entertained by your ramblings this morning, Craig. Laughed out loud at the burger the size of your head and you thinking you were gonna die, loved your typing and word search adventures, and am on the lookout now for vampires named Victor or Viktor. Cheers.

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  5. I would struggle to keep the spelling of a name like Taisiya correct. 🙂 I am assuming the pronunciation would be Tay-seeya? it’s different and immediately conjured up a visual. I agree about fancy restaurants. They charge an arm and a leg for little of nothing.

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    • How readers pronounce it, isn’t my concern. Everyone can perceive it how they like, but my mind sees it the way you do. I just need to be consistent with the spelling. It’s a small price to pay as avoidance of alien names like gr!nrph.

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  6. Now that you mention it, I fully expect a female vampire named Viktoriya and Lisa will model for her. :;


  7. I sometimes get hung up with character names that have odd spellings. Auto correct always tries to fix them, although I do add them to the dictionary. I have a character right now that half the time, I forget to add an “n” onto the end of his name. Drives me nuts.

    I’m a huge fan of rice, but I’ve never eaten black rice before. Sounds like maybe something to avoid!

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  8. I always laugh to myself (of course) when I misspell a character’s name. It is usually within a chapter or two. I hate it when I go to a restaurant and get fed like I’m on a diet.

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  9. I’m thoroughly enjoying The Endgame. 😀 … I absolutely love that she’s got everyone twisting in the wind. I know it won’t last. I mean, how dare a woman keep on being so diabolical throughout an entire series (however long it lasts) … so they’ll have her smacked down and back in her place by the time the final curtain falls. If it doesn’t turn out like that I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised. 😀

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  10. These days so many things are super-sized. Is it any wonder many Americans are overweight? But to pay an exorbitant price for something and not get your money’s worth irks me.

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  11. D.L. Finn, Author

    I love the new names, Auburn. I deal with spelling corrections with my current character’s name, Drea too. Now I want a butlrger but not the size of my head 🙂

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  12. LOL. This post was pretty entertaining! When a restaurant says there’s something in a dish, I don’t want to have to use a magnifying glass to find it. It should be there! And I’m not a small portions type of diner. I love the names you’re using for your characters, even though they’re a bother for you:) Percy just keeps getting more and more interesting. Hope he makes it back to space soon.

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  13. I think Kevin is a much better name for a vampire, lol. I liked Morena in Deadpool – she could hold her own with Reynolds, and also liked her in Gotham.

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  14. Very entertaining, Craig. Isn’t it interesting how television movies can get away with ridiculous inconsistencies, but not books? And your typos (autocorrects) cracked me up. Happens to me all the time. Happy Wrting.

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  15. Victoria Zigler

    I’m with you on the meal size extremes. Either you’re struggling to finish things, or you leave still hungry. I remember one time we thought we’d go try this one place for breakfast that was new where we lived at the time… The portions were so small we picked something else up on the way home, and were eating a second breakfast within about ten minutes of leaving that place. We never went there again. Food tasted great, but I’ve been more likely to return to places where the food is only OK but I leave satisfied than where the food is great but you blink and you miss it.

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