Return to the Writing Cabin

I got an early start today, and flew to the writing cabin in the dark. It’s been snowing like crazy in Idaho, but we have a lull today. It’s the first of six days off I have, and intend to make the pixels fly.

Snow covered the landing strip, but I managed without too much of a problem.

Lisa my robotic assistant met me at the back door. “Glad you made it. What are we working on today?”

“I looked at her ‘Lizzie and the Pythons’ tee shirt. “Cute, but it looks like you already know.”

“I knew you’ve been dabbling from home, and took a WAG.”

“Good guess. Let’s get started.”

“There are some people in your paranormal office.”

I wound my way inside to find a chimpanzee in a space suit, sitting beside a man whose head had been replaced by a flaming jack o’ lantern.

The pumpkin guy wore a black tuxedo. “I know I’m going to finish my part today, but I could wear other outfits, maybe cover some different roles in the story.”

“Make sure Lisa has your contact information. I may need a cop with a pumpkin head later on. Can you change your head out? It should look a little different.”

“They can do it down at the union hall. Thanks for your consideration.”

The chimp spoke up. “What about me, dude. You’ve left us floating in the yellow zone for a month.”

“That’s not completely true. You passed through the yellow zone and are floating in enemy territory. You guys were always a side project for when I run into rough patches. The Midnight Rambler will hit one, then I’ll move you to your spy project.”

“When might that be?”

“I have a nice stretch of writing time. Might be in the next few days. Besides, you’re earmarked for a trilogy, so chew on that.”

“Lucky monkey,” the pumpkin head said.

“Don’t call me a monkey. I’m a Space Chimp. An ape, not a monkey.”

“Calm down. I need to finish up with him today, then Lisa can cashier him and send him home.”

“And then it’s back to the space opera?”

“Maybe. I have a couple of gods I need to work with. Twins from the Gemini constellation.”

“I’ll see your twins and raise you twenty-six identical clone chicks.”

“How did I get stuck with you, anyway. The Cicis are hot.”

“All Humans seem to feel that way, but I couldn’t care less. I think it’s because I’m becoming the main character right now.”

“Be a good… Chimp, and let me work on Midnight Rambler. I need three complimentary titles for your trilogy. Work on that. I’m thinking of ones that read, ‘Of X andY,’ where the variables change per volume in the series.”


“And can you do it in the other office? This is where paranormal stuff happens.” I settled in to work, and it turned into a banner day. It came to around six-thousand words on Midnight Rambler.

It’s kind of dialog heavy, but The Hat books always seem that way. Still, there was some good stuff happening. Lizzie might have found a boyfriend, we drove a magical car, and a major storm event is keeping her from any real success. Then there was a major shootout at Eat The Worm, one of the Pythons’ main venues.

Lizzie’s boyfriend needs life sustaining drugs, and the only person who can make them is missing. Boyfriend is on a clock now, and the storm isn’t helping.

That’s where I decided to call it a day. I picked up the Space Chimp and we walked into the lobby.

Lisa counted out cash for the pumpkin head. “I love your tux.”

“Thanks, your author gave it to me. I love your tee.”

“I had to steal it. I’m not in this story, but one of my old calendars is.”

“Do you get a residual for that?”

Lisa glared at me. “Doesn’t look that way.”

“Bummer. If you need me again, just call.”

The extra left, then Lisa turned to us. “What happens next?”

“I’m going home. This is Percy, and you can hang out with him.”

“He’s been here a week. I know his name. We finished the originals, do you want to start on the remake Planet of the Apes movies?”

“Eh, why not. Gives us something to do while the mighty author plays with his paranormal stories.”

I’ll make you some popcorn.”


That was my day. We’ve had so many leftovers from Christmas, but we’re finally getting down to the end. Turns out goat cheese dip makes for a fair lunch, and chocolate eggnog is good in coffee. I’ll take up the keyboard tomorrow, but Percy is likely to be disappointed for a few more days.


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29 responses to “Return to the Writing Cabin

  1. Nice way to end the year. Sounds like some interesting projects. Chocolate eggnog has me curious. Never liked the regular stuff, but that sounds good.

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  2. Happy New Year, Craig. Good to see you in the cabin.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gwen M. Plano

    I’d say you’ve got a great start on 2022! Enjoy your cabin and the characters while you can. And, have a great New Year!

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  4. The writing cabin sounds like the place to be. Happy New Year, and Happy Writing! Enjoy the eggnog.

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  5. Happy New Year! Hope it will be a good one both for your writing and other things in your life

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  6. This was such a fun post! Glad to see you’re back hitting the keys and have more days to move stories along. Lizzie’s boyfriend needs to find backup for his meds. One source is always iffy. Happy writing, Craig!

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  7. Your writing cabin is a great place to start your new day and a new year, Craig! Happy New Year to you and your family!

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  8. I always love the visits to the writing cabin. Sounds like you and the crew made good progress even if there was some disgruntlement from the extras, LOL.
    Happy New Year and happy writing, Craig!

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  9. Victoria Zigler

    Happy New Year! Great to see you managed a productive trip to the writing cabin.

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  10. 6K words – that’s fantastic! A great way to start the new year.

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  11. I love your writing cabin – filled with all sorts of interesting individuals! Me, I like chocolate vodka.

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  12. Like Lisa, I immediately thought: What a cool outfit for Pumpkin!

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  13. What a wonderful post to start the new year with, Craig! I love it when you go to the Writing Cabin. I can picture it perfectly in my mind! Great stuff and congrats on the progress!

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  14. Off to another great start, you are. I think my favorite thing about this past holiday season was, in fact, eggnog. Eggnog FTW! I’ll pass on the chocolate, but will mention it to Sassy who loves both eggnog and choccie.

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