Lanternfish visits Joan Hall #pirates #fantasy

Hi, gang. Lanternfish is docked at Joan Hall’s place today, and the topic is con artists. Con games are part of this trilogy, and they tend to ramp up in Wreck of the Lanternfish.

Joan is one of my Story Empire Partners, and a fabulous author herself. If you’re shopping for murder mysteries, look around while you’re there. Her Driscoll Lake series is wonderful, and her new Legends of Madeira series is getting great reviews. I’ve read the first volumes and highly recommend them. Stop over and leave a comment.


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8 responses to “Lanternfish visits Joan Hall #pirates #fantasy

  1. Wishing you every success, Craig 💕🙂

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  2. Nice, Craig. A great story. Heading over!

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  3. Been there and got the cutlass

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