Some statistics for you

Hi, everyone. I’ve neglected this site again, but there were tour posts all over the place. Thanks to the group of you that followed along. This post is for my fellow writers out there, and you might find it interesting.

The tour ended prematurely, but one of my potential hosts is quite ill. I have her in my thoughts, and you didn’t miss a lot. If you feel like you missed something, check out Lunar Boogie in the sidebar. It was the book of the day.

To recap, I toured each book in The Hat Series for one week during October. Books one & three had free days, and to support those, I hired Fussy Librarian for some extra push. Let’s look at a visual.

I doubt you can read that, but it’s the image that helps anyway. The blue graph above shows my free promotion days. You can see the pattern is almost identical. Day one hit nearly a thousand free copies, after that it trailed off.

If I turn off the freebies, the graph shows book sales, but at best there were ten one day. That’s why they don’t show up with the freebies turned on.

The lower graphic is pages read via Kindle Unlimited. To me it’s more important. Most of my book earnings have been via this platform for a couple of years now. The patterns are similar, and not different enough to determine why. The better days were around 500 pages per day, with one that broke 1000. I’m not getting rich here, but I’m calling the promo a success. Nearly all of those pages were in the The Hat Series. In fact you can see a small bit of action on the far left before the promotion started. That’s what my graph normally looks like.

So far, I’ve gained two star-reviews where they rated the book worthy of five stars, and one actual review. I love both of those formats, so thank you whoever you are.

This also happened.

Yup, that’s Mrs. Molony in the #1 spot. It held onto the top ten throughout the free period.

There’s one post left that relates to the promotion. It’s my annual visit at Colleen Chesebro’s place on Halloween. It’s about the series, but it’s also about what comes next for Lizzie and the hat. I’ll be checking in on Sunday, so make sure to visit me.


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25 responses to “Some statistics for you

  1. Looks like it worked. Congratulations.

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  2. Nice job. Congrats on the success.

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  3. So happy to see Mrs. Molony at number one! Congrats! Waiting to see your post for the next Hat series. This time it’s witches:) Love them.

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  4. Gwen M. Plano

    Congratulations, Craig. This is remarkable — especially since I don’t even know how to follow the stats. 😁

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  5. Congrats on the promotions, Craig… especially that #1 spot. Yay! And thanks for sharing some stats. I’d call it a success too!

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  6. I call that a success, Craig! Each one of the freebies represents potential future customers. Congrats!

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  7. Congrats on the promos, Craig – that #1 spot is well-deserved!

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  8. Victoria Zigler

    Glad it went well for you. I followed along sharing all the posts.

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  9. Thanks for sharing the results of your promo, Craig. Your books did well.

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  10. I’m one of those 5-star reviewers, not free but Unlimited. I also posted Mrs, Malony review on my site which isn’t on any circle jerk (sorry) book review list. But I did “hear” about the Hat series from one of those very everywhere-like-a-rash author’s site, so there’s something to be said for belonging. Otherwise you have a handful of characters who could be series. It’s all about time, though, huh? All the Best.

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