The Hat Series by C.S.Boyack Promotion – Lunar Boogie

John Howell is one of my oldest blogging and writing friends. He’s a fabulous author, and keeps a very active blog. He’s also a partner in the Story Empire site. I’m visiting his place to talk about Lunar Boogie, and hope you’ll stop over. While you’re there, check out John’s site and books.

Fiction Favorites

I am delighted to welcome Craig Boyack to my blog. Craig is a highly creative and talented writer. He can create stories out of totally fictional situations and character types. The hallmark of his books is the reader will find unusual circumstances wrapped in a plausible yet outrageous story and served up with humor and excitement. Craig has written a four-book series that is called The Hat series. I have read The Hat and Viral Blues. In addition, I have Mrs. Malony and Lunar Boogie on my Kindle. I wondered why I haven’t read them yet but put it down to a large TBR pile. I think I’ll move them up.

Craig and I have known each other for a while, and we are both members of the Story Empire crew. I looked up the first time Craig visited my blog, and it was October 2015. He was promoting his…

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5 responses to “The Hat Series by C.S.Boyack Promotion – Lunar Boogie

  1. Thank you for the lovely intro on your share, Craig.

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  2. Craig, did you just call John old? 🙂 Great post for Lunar Boogie!

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  3. Heading over. Should be fun!

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