‘The Ballad of Mrs. Molony’ by C.S. Boyack (Delivered by Lisa Burton the Robot Girl) #supernatural #vampires

Lisa Burton stopped over to talk with Charles Yallowitz today. The topic is The Ballad of Mrs. Molony, which is still on it’s free run. That promo ends tomorrow, so make sure to grab a copy. Charles is a prolific author and blogger, so make sure to check his site out. If you’re into fantasy, he is the guy to know. He’s also a terrific supporter, so make sure to follow his blog while you’re there.

Legends of Windemere

It’s been a long time, so I’m happy to introduce Lisa Burton the Robot Girl once more.  She’s bringing us some news about C.S. Boyack’s ‘The Hat’ series, which is a funny adventure involving supernatural threats, a talking Hat, and the badass girl who is its partner . . . wearer?  Look, this is a fun series and I highly recommend the books, which have been getting extra attention this month.  Now, take it away, Ms. Burton.

Thanks for having me back, Charles. It’s been hard getting out during the past year. While robot girls don’t have to worry about some things, it’s better if I fit in. Wearing a mask soooooo isn’t my style.

Craig is trying something new. Now that he has a series, he wanted to do a series blog tour. Since it’s October, The Hat Series seemed like the way to go. He’s pushing the…

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