THE HAT Series – Guest Post by Craig Boyack…

My tour for The Hat Series stops at Chris Graham’s place today. He is a super supporter of the author community, and every indie out there ought to get to know him. He also gave me a wonderful lead in with a blast from my past. Stop over and say hi.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

I’ve read and enjoyed several of Craig’s books, my favourite so far is The Cock of the South – about which my review states: 

Alkon’s nut! Somebody lend me a pocket knife, I need to cut out and use a few phrases from this tale about a smart guy, by golly.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story set in Remesian Times (think Roman, but where Remus kills his brother Romulus).
Dwarves, Cockatrices, plus many more mythological beings (I refuse to call them creatures) live.
Humour, pathos, action and the worth of a good attitude appear throughout.

Happily, I’ve got more of his books (including some of The Hat series) on my TBR stack to look forward to.


Thanks for having me back, Chris. Im trying something new with a series promo. Since its the Halloween season, what better time to promote The Hat Series. This is…

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8 responses to “THE HAT Series – Guest Post by Craig Boyack…

  1. Enjoyed it very much, Craig. Hope it helps get lots more folks on board with the Hat series. It’s a great one, for sure! 😀

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  2. Made a stop over there. Best wishes.

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