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I’m kicking my promotional tour off today at Teri’s place. Stop over and say hi. I’m also offering a Halloween freebie, so you might want to check that out, too. While you’re there get acquainted with Teri. She’s a super supporter of the indie community, and a great author, too. I can recommend her book “Sarah” for a Halloween vibe if you’re so inclined.

Books and Such

This is what readers have to say about today’s featured book – “fun banter”, “vividly imagined”, “hilarious paranormal suspense”, “enchanting characters”. Having read the first three books in this series, I couldn’t agree more. Being a fan of snarky characters, Lizzie and the hat are among my favorites. As a special treat from the author, no tricks (I feel you cringing, but I couldn’t resist), The Hat is FREE today, so make sure to click the link below! Welcome C.S. Boyack!

Thanks for inviting me back, Teri. I love Bad Moon and look forward to it every year. I have a bit of promo to do, but want to attempt a brief participation according to the rules. Let’s get to some of that first.

Would you rather dunk for apples or carve a Jack o’ Lantern?

Huh! Neither of these particularly bother me. I skipped the candy apple question with…

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14 responses to “#BadMoonRising The Hat by C.S. Boyack #paranormal #supernatural #fantasy #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. Great interview, Craig 🙂

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  2. Been there, commented on that! 😁 Great post, Craig. Glad you were featured on Bad Moon Rising this year, too. It’s such a wonderful, fun event. Loved your quiz answers, and now I’m wondering where I can get corn silk for my jack-o-lantern’s eyebrows with having to actually eat CORN. 😆
    Seriously, super post which will be shared at 1:00pm on TWS. Hope you get lots of takers on your free offer, and loads of new readers! 😊

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  3. Gwen M. Plano

    Great interview, Craig. I loved it!

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  4. Loved your interview, Craig! And sharing the freebie!

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  5. I enjoyed dreading the great interview, Craig!

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