Posed in Death by Judi Lynn #Newbook

Let’s all welcome Judi Lynn today. She’s got a new book to talk about, and I love her explanations for how it came about. I tend to read and write like she does. Check out the book, and feel free to use those sharing buttons to help spread the word.


I want to thank Craig for inviting me to his blog. I’ve been a fan of his writing and his blog posts on Story Empire for a long time. I’ve been waiting for the third and final novel of his Lanternfish trilogy since I fell in love with Serang in the first one.

I’m here today to promote my latest novel, POSED IN DEATH. I usually write cozies, but this time, my story is much darker. And I’m blaming it all on Louis Kincaid. I’m hooked on P.J. Parrish’s series about the P.I./detective. I don’t know about other writers, but what I read affects what I write. I read a lot of cozies, historical mysteries, and only a few thrillers. That is, until I bought my first Louis Kincaid. Now, I read more thrillers than I used to.

I can’t read any one author over and over again, back-to-back. I get more critical with each book and bore faster. I need to change things up. So, I usually read two cozies, a historical, another couple of cozies, something outside the mystery genre, then a cozy, then a thriller, and on and on. I’d never make it as a binge reader or TV watcher. And I learned that if I write the same characters back-to-back, even though I love them, I get just as bored. So, I need to switch things up. (Luckily, in real life, I don’t have this problem. I haven’t gotten bored with HH yet😊 But I do have to constantly find new recipes to make because I’ve already made some of mine too many times.)

For a while, I wrote paranormal mysteries between my Jazzi and Ansel cozies, and that helped. I tried to write a few different cozies with different characters, like my Lux novels and A Cut Above, and it helped, but not as much. Those had the same FEEL. They didn’t quite do the trick. It was like reading a Lynn Cahoon Tourist Trap cozy and then going to a Kim Davis Diva cozy. They were both fun, but I was ready for something different. And that’s when I discovered Louis Kincaid. That’s also when I got the idea to write something darker. And it was wonderful. It did the trick. I’m ready to tackle another Jazzi and Ansel now.

Writing darker is a gamble. I’m not sure readers who like my cozies will want something that features a serial killer. But my agent said I had too many cozy elements in the story to call it a true thriller. And that’s true. But I wanted to focus on the theme of marriage. And this worked for me. So, it felt like a gamble worth taking.

Posed In Death: Nick and Laurel Mystery/Thriller 1 – Kindle edition by Lynn, Judi. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Thanks again, Craig, for sharing your blog with me!


Judi Lynn lives in Indiana with her husband, a bossy gray cat, and a noisy Chihuahua. She loves to cook and owns more cookbooks than any mortal woman would ever need. That’s why so much food sneaks into her stories. She also loves her flower beds, but is a haphazard gardener, at best.

My blog & webpage: http://writingmusings.com/

My author Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JudiLynnwrites/

Twitter: @judypost

On BookBub at Judi Lynn with a link to Judith Post (for my urban fantasies): https://www.bookbub.com/authors/judi-lynn


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40 responses to “Posed in Death by Judi Lynn #Newbook

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  2. Congratulations to Ms Lynn on this recent release. I think a darker story will work for cozy fans since it’s a not a full blown thriller.

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  3. OOh! This is perfect timing for me. I’m down to the last quarter of my current read, and I have been waiting for this release. I just grabbed my copy from Amazon and look forward to starting it next. Congrats to Judi on the release, and many thanks for shining a spotlight on her newest book, Craig.

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  4. P.S., I forgot to mention I, too, love the Louis Kincaid mystery series. They are excellent crime thrillers!

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  5. This book sounds like a great read. Thank you for introducing her most recent book to us. Congratulations, Judi.

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  6. I always said I was a multi-genre author for that very reason. I can’t stay with one thing for too long without getting the urge to do something else. Best wishes with your new venture, Judi. Good writing is good writing. Readers recognize that and many of us with follow you to your new genre.

    Thanks for hosting, Craig.

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  7. Congrats, Judi, on your latest release. I’m off to take a look on Amazon now! 🙂
    Craig, thanks for sharing 🙂

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  8. Nothing wrong with branching out. Congrats and best of luck with the new release!

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  9. Joan’s right – nothing wrong with branching out. I’m also a multi-genre author. Best wishes with the new release, Judi!

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  10. Gwen M. Plano

    Congratulations, Judi! And thank you, Craig, for putting the spotlight on Judi and her new release. All the best!!

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  12. Congratulations, Judi. Thanks to Craig for hosting.

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  13. D.L. Finn, Author

    I like your explanation of how and why you read and write the way you do. I definitely read both cozy and thrillers, so I’ll be picking up a copy. I can binge read easily but love to bounce from genre to genre. Congrats on your new release! Thanks for hosting, Craig 🙂

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  14. A huge congrats to you, Judi! I loved what you said about getting bored with writing the same way. I do the same and it’s one reason I love writing short stories so much. This sounds like a great book and I am heading off to grab it. Thank you for hosting, Craig!

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  15. Congratulations on the release, Judi. I love a good thriller.

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  16. Congratulations, Judi, on your new thriller.

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