Slow weekend

This was one of my two day weekends. These seem to happen more frequently around holidays, and it is what it is. That didn’t leave much time for author chores.

Our daughter came to visit on Friday. She spent the night and I had a wonderful visit with her on Saturday. No lamenting that time. I really enjoyed our time together, but it didn’t leave much room for anything else.

Still loaded with Asian pears. I tried to send a bag home with my daughter, but she passed. I might have to look up some recipes for them.

I really boogered up the last chapter of Good Liniment I shared with my critique group. I spent the rest of Saturday trying to repair it, and still don’t like it.

I spent this morning talking to my parents. They got to go pick choke cherries, and I’m kind of jealous. It sounds like such a nice day afield. Things like that aren’t in the cards for me right now, so I’ll have to live through their adventures.

This afternoon, I went beyond the crappy chapter, and some of the repairs seemed to work better there. Still don’t feel confident about it. I’ve gone from being excited to worried about this book.

Hopefully, by 2022, I’ll get over it. I have so many ideas for Lizzie and the hat, and this story needs to be one of them in my mind. I even made some notes to improve a story that’s four books down the line.

I spent a little time trying to cobble together something for a bit of October promo. That’s always been my best month, and while I don’t have a new release for the Halloween season, I have plenty of options to draw some interest.

I also wrote back material for Wreck of the Lanternfish. I got a little emotional addressing the eventual readers. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort with these characters over the last few years. It’s nearly ready to go. Once I get paid, I’ll probably contact my formatter. Or, I might read through it once again. Who knows.

That’s it for my author’s time. It might not seem like much, but I moved the pegs a little on several projects. I didn’t write any new words, but there will be other weekends.


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27 responses to “Slow weekend

  1. Sounds like you got some progress. Other than drowning in Asian pears. Gotta be some recipe with them.

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  2. Gwen M. Plano

    What a relaxing weekend! I envy your time with your daughter. How precious. I’ve not seen my kids since COVID and that’s rough for a mom. It sounds like you have many pies ahead with your pears. Too bad they don’t ship well — I’d love to have a slice or two. 😊

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  3. Your weekend sounds good to me.

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  4. it’s so easy to booger up a chapter. Glad your CPs caught it before you went ahead with anything that didn’t work. What is a choke cherry? That’s new to me. Must be good. Sounds like a good weekend. You got a little done on a lot of things. Have a good week!

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  5. Victoria Zigler

    Sounds like a successful weekend to me. I mean, you got to spend some time with your daughter, and did make some progress on getting your next two books that little bit closer to being ready for publication. So, like I said, sounds like a successful weekend to me.

    If there was any way for me to do so, I’d take a bag of those pears. I kind of like pears (especially if you put them in a crumble) and my hubby and Dad both love them.

    I didn’t do any author tasks over the weekend, but I hadn’t planned on doing any, so that’s fine. However, I did manage to finish one craft project and make a bit of progress on another craft WIP, organize more of the craft supplies I inherited from my Nan (which I’m finally almost done sorting out) and get some reading time in. So I’m pleased with how my weekend went. Even more so since it followed a very productive writing week.

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  6. Son #2 was here this weekend, and we barely saw him, lol. Sounds like you still made some progress.

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  7. It’s really hard saying goodbye to series characters when you write the last book. You’ve been with the crew on Lanternfish for a long time. I remember how I felt when I wrapped Point Pleasant and Hode’s Hill. Happy and sad both.

    I got zero writing done this week. We hosted a big family reunion with people coming in from various states and cities. It was wonderful!

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  8. How wonderful to get to spend time with your daughter. Those are precious moments well-spent. Too bad she wouldn’t relieve you of some of the pears. 🙂 I totally understand getting emotional about saying goodbye to characters that have become a part of your life. I look forward to the final Lanternfish installment. Keep me in mind for a promo option.

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  9. Sounds like a fun weekend, Craig. We had the little people (grandkids) here, so not much writing for me, either. Family first. 🙂

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  10. “Boogered up” sounds like a very technical term…

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  11. I was gong to suggest a crisp for your pairs, or you could poach them with a little sugar and serve them on ice cream. Waiting on the next HAT adventure!

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  12. It is lovely that you saw your daughter, Craig. You can feel a bit sorry for those of us that always have 2 day weekends and sometimes have to work part of those. I am going into my second busy season of the year. Between my dad’s illness and Michael’s poor health and two operations, I have spend my slower months nursing people so haven’t made us much writing progress as usual. Never mind, it will just take longer.

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