Long Weekend

Like most of you, I had a long weekend. Old What’s Her Face had to work, so I wound up left to my own devices.

At one time, I talked about making sauerkraut again. She bought me some from the store. It isn’t the same concept, because I wanted to make it. It still made for a tasty supper with a Polska kielbasa. Might have to break down and make some anyway.

I worked on edits, and sent something to my crit group. They were all off this weekend, too. I never expected a rapid turn around, and I hope everyone had a good time. Since publication target is late winter, there is plenty of time.

That left me with my side project. I’ve gone over the first few chapters more than any others I’ve ever written. Right now, I’m pretty happy with them. I’m introducing main characters in two different locations, but they finally managed to come together before the weekend came to a close. We entered space, traveled across part of the galaxy, and committed an unintended murder. Now one of the characters has to run, and it’s reason enough for everyone to wind up on the same ship.

I’m going with five main characters since this is likely going to be a trilogy. Five, or thirty, main characters, depending on how you count the clones. It’s complicated. (You guys know how my imagination comes into play.)

As I get acquainted with the characters, some personalities are starting to develop. There have been a few crass remarks flung around. This might sound strange, but I always have an idea of who they are, but as they interact on the page it develops more than I roughed out.

I managed a pretty good bit of emasculating dialog. I kind of like how it came out. Former lovers are something I’ve never written before.

All told, I probably added about 7000 new words to it. Can’t keep calling it “It,” but I don’t have a title yet.

The Muse is torturing me with this future story for Lizzie and the hat. I like to plan ahead, but this one is about five down the line. Seems a bit excessive, but I can’t seem to stop her once she starts inspiring. It involves a twist on some Asian mythos. Things like the afterlife, spirits, and reincarnation. I already have a list of magical artifacts and creatures going. I dedicated some time to research because it’s so interesting. I already have a few humorous things in mind, so that’s positive.

Outside of that, I have Asian pears running out my ears. I’ve been eating them all weekend. They keep pretty well, so I may have to claim part of the vegetable crisper. For now, I’m leaving them on the tree. Works for now, but isn’t a long term solution.

That’s about it. It’s time for supper, and some more Asian pears. Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend, too.


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44 responses to “Long Weekend

  1. Clones, cool. Hope you find a title you like. Enjoy those pears!

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  2. Enjoyed this post. 7,000 words on the side project sounds promising. Like you, I know my characters when I start writing, but I know them better the longer I live with them. Just like real life. Asian myths sound interesting. I don’t know much about them. It’s always fun to learn something new. Enjoy your pears:)

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  3. I had a wonderful weekend. Got a lot of work done around the house, and also made time for reading and shopping. I’m finalizing a collection of short stories I hope to release in October, so it was wonderful to make progress on that.
    Congrats on our side project. 7K is fabulous!

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  4. Sounds like your perfect weekend, pears and prose.

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  5. Clones always make things more difficult. Nothing but trouble. 😁

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  6. Whatever you’re working on, I hope you have fun with it!

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  7. Sounds like a great weekend, Craig. I had Asian pears when I was in Korea [South] many years ago.

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  8. I need to come up with a good title too. I thought I had one but so many writers have already used it, so that won’t do at all. No peaches this year?

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  9. Sounds like a productive weekend. Kudos! (Or should I say “huzzah” and throw in a mushroom emoji?)

    I’ve never made sauerkraut from scratch. Now I’m kind of tempted. I want to know how much better it is from store-bought.

    Enjoy the pears!

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  10. Way to go on the word count, Craig! You amaze me with your ability to churn it out. Sounds like a fun and thought-filled weekend. I’ve never known anyone who made their own sauerkraut, so you will have to let us know how that goes. Maybe some Asian Pear preserves are in order? Thanks for sharing!

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  11. The pears sound delicious. When ours are just about ready, we’ll say “one more day till picking” and sure enough, by morning the tree is stripped clean. Same thing happens to corn. Ah, well, as long as the wildlife enjoyed them, it’s all good.

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  12. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sounds like a hugely productive weekend, Craig. I haven’t had any pears yet this season, but now want one 🙂

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  13. Best of luck with so many MCs and naming “it”. Sounds like a productive time. I didn’t have anywhere near your productivity level but I also didn’t commit an unintended murder so I’m calling it a win. 😉

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  14. Man, every year, I’m like MMMMMM Asian pears! 😛 I eat them in the winter, because that’s the availability here. Stone fruits rule summer and are cheap. Winter, pears, and not cheap.
    I loved this “I managed a pretty good bit of emasculating dialog. I kind of like how it came out. Former lovers are something I’ve never written before.” I LOLed!

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    • It was there, so I wrote it down. I have a theory it will make the final cut. I need to fill up Old What’s Her Face’s vegetable crisper while I still have good pears. They keep much better than the European varieties.

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      • I agree. When I buy them they’re packaged in their own little foam net baskets, and they must sit and ripen. The trick for me is to buy them continuously so eventually, I can always choose a ripe one. (See also kiwi and avocado!)

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  15. The weekend was fantastic, but I paid for it today at work. Still worth it, though.

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  16. Victoria Zigler

    Sounds like a fantastic – and incredibly productive – weekend.

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  17. Send some Asian pears my way! I’ve had a story rolling around in my head for over a year, but had to keep beating it back to finish the sequel to A36. I can’t imagine having 5+ at the same time.

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