When plans go awry

I had my bachelor Saturday all planned out. I wanted to pick a few more peaches to eat fresh, then keep hacking my way through Lanternfish.

When I went into the back yard, Lorelei, the Muse, greeted me. She wore a pair of white shorts with an apron. That’s it aside from her sneakers. “About time you got started.”

“What are you doing here? I’m planning on editing today.”

“Yes. That’s all nice, but it’s creativity that fuels me. I want to work on your side project.” She stood on tip toes to reach the high-growing fruit.

I was inspired already. Lorelei is built like an Olympic diver, and her bronzed back glistened in the sun. “That has to take a back burner. I have two books to edit.”

“Oh, psssh! You’ll get them done. You should still dedicates some time to your science fiction project.” She handed me a peach, then went for another one.

And that’s where Saturday ended, folks. I had such a cool idea for my side project that I had to scrap most of the outline and start a new idea sheet. This was supposed to be character driven and fun. I suppose it still can be, but now it’s going to have a deeper plot. It might take me months to work this all out.

Part of this is because I’m thinking of a trilogy once more. Lanternfish was work, but perhaps if I start that way from the beginning, then don’t try publishing until it’s finished, it will be more fun.

So, what is a man, left to his own devices, supposed to do after all that? He does this.

Take few peaches fresh from the tree.

A little simmer in some simple syrup. Then pit and chunk them up.

Add a slug of insurance.

Don’t forget the other main ingredient.

Toss everything in the blender with ice, and don’t forget a nice tiki mug.

Okay, it’s wonderful, but would have been prettier with white rum. I used what I had on stock, and have my supper all ready. It’s health food, I swear.

I should find something to binge watch. Maybe some science fiction to keep my flow going.


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39 responses to “When plans go awry

  1. Looks yummy. Sounds like you caught the trilogy bug again too.

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  2. I have to say, I’m not sure what that concoction yields. I guess you like it though. Have a terrific rest of the weekend.

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  3. OMGosh, I wouldn’t be able to walk much less write. Enjoy.:-)

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  4. LOL. Lorelei knows how to tempt a guy:) Drink looks yummy and the trilogy sounds interesting. Glad you had a good day!

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  5. Lorelei certainly knows how to get her way with you. 😁 Congrats on the new project. Sounds like fun! And that drink would have to be delicious! Great bachelor day!

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  6. Loving the sound of that drink! I don’t think I could write after drinking it though!

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  7. This sounds like my kind of drink, Craig, but the muse isn’t Lisa? Well done on another great idea. I have dropped my sci fi which has stalled and am writing up a storm on my new historical paranormal novel. My MC’s are from the USA.

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    • Nope. Lorelei has always been the muse. Lisa is the robot girl PA and spokesmodel. Stories tend to stall, that’s why I try to have two going at once. It might be a time before I get back into the swing of things. I’m ahead of the goals for 2021 and can do that without worry.


  8. Yummy, and with so much alcohol its for sure against the virus, too. 😉
    Let me ask: You have also the word “schnapps”? xx Michael

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    • There are any number of schnapps varieties in the US. I don’t know if our usage is correct, but they are flavored liquors. I use it for a little extra peach kick. It appears English steals from many languages.


  9. Can’t think of anything healthier than a fresh “peach smoothie “ 😂😋😋😋

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  10. Excuse me while I write down your recipe. I have no peaches, but my blackberries are coming in…

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  11. Victoria Zigler

    This is the good kind of messed up plans situation. And, hey, it won’t hurt for the editing to sit just a little longer before you tackle it…

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  12. Lorelei sure did a number on you, Craig. Then again, it is the weekend and you should enjoy yourself. That drink sounds scrumptious! 😁 Good luck with your new idea.

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  13. D.L. Finn, Author

    That drink belongs on a tropical island beach. Sometimes writing is thinking. Enjoy your time!

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  14. Haha. Love it, Craig! The cocktail sounds delicious.

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  15. Bet that tastes amazing with fresh peaches.


  16. You’re a very busy man but the time for a fruity cocktail is great 😉😋😋😋

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