A short update

It’s been hot here in Idaho. Ungodly hot. The lawn is suffering, but my fruit trees seem to be loving it. At the office, the wildlife has all but disappeared.

This little beauty built a nest on the outside of my window, so she’s about all I have. She tends to back into her silky house during the heat, but runs around in the cooler hours of morning.

She’s on the outside of the building, so I’m not worried about her as I work.

Today marks the first day of vacation for me. I don’t know what I might wind up doing, but reading, movies, and writing are on my list. I really don’t have an agenda, but maybe Old What’s Her Face and I can do some things together. I’d still like to see the Stellar’s Sea Eagles at the zoo. I based the Omcrom off them in HMS Lanternfish, and it would just be cool to see them in person. If we go, I’ll snap a photo.

I managed to send a chapter to my critique partners this morning. I also added some new words, but don’t really have a target. If I decide to stop for the day and do something else, that’s fine.

Rumor has it that a couple of bulldogs need a bath, so that’s probably on my list this afternoon.

Mostly, it’s time for a change of pace and scenery. I don’t think I’ve taken more than a day or two off in over a year, and it’s overdue.


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28 responses to “A short update

  1. Hope you enjoy your time off.

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  2. I hope you enjoy it. Days off are good things.

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  3. Happy Vacation, Craig! Enjoy your time to recharge your battery!

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  4. Enjoy your time off. Hope you get to go to the zoo. Those eagles sound awesome.

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  5. The thing about bulldogs needing a bath is the water hose will cool everyone off.:-)

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  6. Your day sounds a bit like mine. I took a “me day” today for the first time in what felt like forever—slept in, did some writing, followed by pool time, with reading. No obligation to be anywhere or do anything. It was bliss.
    Hope you enjoyed your time as well!

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  7. Victoria Zigler

    Nice to have a day when you don’t need to do a whole lot, especially if the weather happens to be incredibly hot. It’s incredibly hot with us too (perhaps not as hot as with you, but it’s extreme heat for us). If it gets any hotter I think even the tortoise is going to start complaining about the heat.

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  8. D.L. Finn, Author

    I have a spider friend outside our back door. The heat doesn’t bother them. Happy vacation! I hope its a good one for you.

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  9. Enjoy your time off, Craig. Sounds like you earned it (and Old What’s Her Face, too)!

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  10. Heat index 107-110 today. I don’t live in the south. This is Washington D.C.!!!! This asthmatic will stay indoors.

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  11. Pale redheads hide next to the a.c. on days like this! LOL

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  12. We all need a vacation now and again, Craig. Whatever you do will be great! Enjoy!!

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  13. A holiday is definitely in order, Craig. I love your spider, I am a spider fan too.

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  14. It’s been horribly hot here, too – we are escaping for a few days to New England. We had a spider in the wreath on our door!

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