All quiet here

Old What’s Her Face decided to visit her brother this weekend, leaving me to take care of the dogs. It wasn’t my first choice, but I decided to make the best of it.

I spent my time writing. I actually got a lot accomplished, but it wasn’t what I had in mind. There really isn’t any need to start a new tale this year, but it gives me something to do.

It’s kind of fun expanding the witchcraft world in the hat universe. There is a challenge, though, in that Lizzie and the hat aren’t part of that environment. They can only learn what they are told or observe themselves.

I solved some of this by introducing two new characters. By alternating sections, readers can get a bit more than what Lizzie will discover on her own. It’s been fun, but I still intend to leave some of that mystery without complete explanations. It allows readers to use their own imaginations.

Each member of the witchcraft community has different magical roots. I’m not explaining these either, but there are clues if readers want to figure it out on their own. It shouldn’t be too hard, but won’t be required if someone just wants to blast through for a good story.

I also did a section that was a bit of character soup. We’ve all been to a gathering where we met a bunch of people, but didn’t get to know all of them. It feels realistic to me, but maybe my critique group can give me some advice here. My secret intent was to glance across some characters that could be used in future stories.

At this stage, I’m tired. I’m not at a slog of any kind, but it’s time for me to rest my brain. Hope everyone had, or is having a great holiday.


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41 responses to “All quiet here

  1. It sounds like you did have a productive weekend. My hubster left, too. He went to visit his mother, and I’m holding down the house. Even though I had to do all the chores myself, I still had a lot of time left to work on story edits (a Southern Gothic, weird-horror story).

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  2. Sounds like your kind of holiday for sure.

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  3. Witches? You’re finally writing about witches! WOO HOO! 😀 LOL! I know I’ll love it. 😀

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  4. I wondered if 2 stories for one year would be enough to feel good for you. It’s not enough for me. I don’t like sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, or playing with storyboards once I have enough to write them. Why stop writing when you’re in the mood? Glad you’ve started playing with a new Lizzie. There’s no hurry this time, so you can experiment a little and have fun.

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    • I didn’t want to just sit here. I can only take so much television, and I enjoy writing, so it was a good fit. This is where I do all the crazy things. I emailed my daughter some dialog, then we texted it to each other. I did a screen capture and included that in the story this time.

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  5. Never heard the term ‘character soup’ before. Have an odd feeling that I’ve made scenes like that in spades though.

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  6. Gwen M. Plano

    Sometimes we need breaks and quiet time with our 4-legged family. It sounds like you accomplished a lot, Craig. Bravo!

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  7. I like the sound of what you’re working on. Sometimes writing short stories can break open new possibilities.

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  8. How exciting to start something new. It doesn’t matter whether or not it comes out this year. It’s just fun to start! Way to go!

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  9. Sounds like good progress 🙂

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  10. A character soup scene sounds like fun. You sound like you’re making great progress. I spent a lazy weekend poolside with books. It was wonderful to unwind and relax!

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  11. I’m playing catch-up from the holiday weekend. Did a bit of writing myself.

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  12. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sounds like a productive holiday! I like the sound of where you are going with The Hat:)

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  13. I never mind when hubby leaves. That’s when I get caught up on my horror movies.

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  14. Victoria Zigler

    Sounds like the new writing project is going well. Doesn’t hurt to get a head start on next year’s books if the muse is feeling co-operative.

    It wasn’t a holiday weekend here, and nothing really happened, yet somehow I’m spending a lot of today doing catchup from things I got behind on over the weekend. Weird how that works sometimes.

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  15. Rest your brain, Craig. I think it helps our writing to be fresh. Sounds like you have some great ideas brewing though. Fun ones! Happy Writing.

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  16. Don’t you love getting lost in the excitement of writing, trying new things. It sounds like you had a good, albeit tiring, day. And the dogs–all good with them?

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