The Party’s Over

Lunar Boogie has been published. The blog tour has ended, and it’s time to forge ahead. We had a lot of fun on the tour, and I got some wonderful comments.

Some people have read it already, and the early reviews are awesome. Maybe consider clicking on that cover in the sidebar and checking it out.

This week was crazy. Not only did I have a book tour going on, I also had to make a quick road trip to Sandpoint for my real job. Responding to comments on a cell phone with dicey wifi is a treat.

Sandpoint is a beautiful town up close to Canada. It sits on the shores of Lake Pend Orielle. It’s frequented by bald eagles, so I kept my eyes open.

I saw a lot of ospreys on the way into town. As cool as they are, they aren’t the same. I heard an eagle scream from my hotel, but couldn’t spot the bugger through the trees.

I drove the rental car for our group, and when we drove home from supper, I spotted one. It was twilight, and I was watching the geese in a grain field. The closest bird to me raised his head and wasn’t a goose at all.

This seemed like my luck lately. I spotted the dumbest, outcast eagle of all time. He was out past bedtime and appeared to be grubbing for worms in the mud not twenty feet from the car. Not very majestic, but I’m counting him.

I know eagles don’t spend all their time posting selfies. I’ve seen swarms of them crawling around a beached whale carcass like maggots. They aren’t anything more that what they need to be. People like me put the image on them.

When we left town, I had a glorious sighting of another one. This one swirled around on thermals above the lake, then landed on a pole just as I drove past.

Bald eagles are a rare sight around here. I watched the Boise River all winter, but never saw one this year. I always felt like they foretold luck for me. By sighting two, I’m kind of artificially excited.

Never got to see the famous lake monster. Maybe next time. I should have placed out some cookies or something.

I’m considering doing a series blog tour this fall for The Hat Series. I have enough books now to make it a thing. I can take advantage of some free days as part of the promo. I’m curious what you folks think of this approach.

Lanternfish beckons now. I have three days to myself, and need to hack out some new material so I can get this one out in 2021. If you include Serang, I could tour this series around in a similar fashion.

Procrastination is part of the game. This week was brutal, I’m telling you. I’ll write at some point, but I kind of want to vegetate for a day.

Let me hear from you. Do you have a connection with a specific animal? Do you know any fresh new promotional tricks? Have you ever seen a lake monster?


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39 responses to “The Party’s Over

  1. Interesting questions. Always liked tigers, but animals in my area aren’t that exotic. They’re rather basic, so no connections that I can speak of. No lake monsters either, but we have a haunted sump where a few weird things happened.

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  2. HI Craig, How nice that you got to see two bald eagles. I think that is pretty cool. I am trying YouTube but it is a slog building another following. Blog tours are helpful. I enjoy doing them. I am also going to do a series tour for Sir Choc in June. These books are suddenly doing quite well here in my home country.

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    I love to see Bald eagles. I’ve spotted a couple at the lake and their nests, it’s always a thrill. I seem to have a connections to bears and dolphins. Spiders too. You have a good idea for a serial, I enjoy those. A day to relax sounds good. Have a relaxing weekend.

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  4. Went all the way to Locke Ness and never spotted Nessie. I think you were fortunate with the eagle sightings.

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  5. When I was worried about writing my Jazzi series, I spent an entire summer seeing pheasants. One even ran alongside our car until I noticed it. And the first book The Body in the Attic became a USA Today Bestseller. Now, whenever I see a pheasant, I feel lucky. When Kensington dropped me, and I worried about self-publishing The Body in the Trench, I had bluebirds fill our crabapple tree right when I walked into living room and could see them. We’ve NEVER had a bluebird before. That book isn’t a bestseller, but it’s done pretty well. I hope your bald eagles are heralds of luck for you.

    i only have 2 books in the Lux series, but I made one of them free for 5 days (and if you do it, you should make it for 5 days so you catch a lot more people) and advertised it on The Fussy Librarian, and I sold a lot of the other book. It surprised me. I think The Fussy Librarian does better with mysteries than fantasies, but I’m not sure. Each ad site has strengths and weaknesses, more people who read certain genres than others. You have plenty of time to check those out. Some people stagger their prices on the books that aren’t free, but make sure to list one of them at 99 cents. You can make the next $1.99 if you want to, etc. I’ve had more luck with ads than book tours, but everything helps. And I got some good reviews by paying to give away 50 free copies of The Body in the Trench on Goodreads when it was up for pre-orders on Amazon for when you release your next Lanternfish. Yes, you’re giving away books, but you can post that on twitter for free advertising and maybe drum up some interest and get some reviews.
    Maybe do a preorder and giveaway some copies, then on the day it comes out, make the first one free for 5 days to get some more attention for it? But marketing is a crap shoot, so good luck with whatever you come up with.

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  6. Hi Craig, Glad to hear the tour was a success AND it sounds like you saw some awesome wildlife.
    The series tour sounds like a great idea. If you’d like to pit stop at my blog just let me know.

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  7. Blog posts are a lot of work, so well done, Craig. And a series tour is a great idea. Eagle watching sounds like a great way to unwind too. 🙂

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  8. It sounds like a wonderful trip and tour. I love all animals but the cat family is my favorite. There are two bald eagle nests near me so I often see them which is always thrilling. Continued success, Craig.

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  9. I’ve gone looking for lake monsters and other cryptids (Mothman, anyone?) but have never seen any. My spirit animal is a cat, and I get to see one of those every day as my rescue cat, Raven, makes sure of that, LOL. We have bald eagles who frequent a nest area along a river not far from me. Most times driving in that area I can spot one. When they’re soaring above the water, they’re majestic. Wishing you all the best with your planned tours. Sounds like fun!

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  10. Your tour was fabulous – a different post for every stop and all very interesting. I think a series tour for Lizzie would be a good idea. If there’s any way you could offer it as a box set, I hear those sell pretty well. And I’d love to see a lake monster.

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  11. We have a lot of bald eagles around here – there is a sanctuary for them at a nearby lake. I think a HAT tour would be cool beans!

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  12. Victoria Zigler

    Cool about the Eagle sightings.

    I’ve been following the tour, sharing the posts around, and everything. Also, not only did I read the book (see Goodreads for my review) but I finished it in time to tell them all about it in my Zoom book club this past Friday. Don’t know if it will get you any more attention, but I tried, and it’s most definitely deserved if it does. As for the series tour idea: I think it could work, would definitely follow it around and share the posts, and am happy to offer you a spot on my blog as part of it if you want. Same goes for Lanternfish. As I’ve said before, there’s always a spot for you on my blog if you ever want to take advantage of it. Or you can send Otto or Frankie over to help you get some attention on my blog through cute dog photos.

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  13. Congratulations, again, on the release of Lunar Boogie. You spend a lot of time on these posts for your blog tour so well-deserved celebration and break for you.

    Amazing to see the eagles on your road trip. They are majestic, stunning birds. I have connections to animals but they’ve shifted over the years. 🙂

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  14. Sorry to be late to this party, Craig, but I have to chime in. I definitely believe in Spirit Animals and we all have them. Mine is the Mountain Lion. And, I also have an affinity to the Owl (through Rick). How awesome that you got to spot the Eagles, even it was less than glorious. 🙂

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  15. Sounds like a very busy week, but with a lot of nice moments. Have a good weekend

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