Guest Author Thursday: Lunar Boogie by C. S. Boyack #newrelease #superherofantasy

Lisa Burton is over at Mae Clair’s place today. She’s talking about Lizzie and the Pythons, the band my main characters use to make a living. She’s also handing out another one of her cool posters. Stop over and say hi. Check out Mae’s site while you’re there. She’s one of my auto-buy authors, and a partner at Story Empire.

From the Pen of Mae Clair

red quill pen on a piece of old parchment paper, with an ink well with words Welcome Guest in script

Hello, everyone. Welcome to a special Guest Author Thursday. My friend and Story Empire colleague, C. S. Boyack has released a new Lizzie and the Hat novella, Lunar Boogie. I’ll be sharing my 5-star review next week on my blog. In the meantime, suffice to say I loved this story—it’s my favorite Hat novella to date. To tell us all about it, Craig has sent his spokes model and personal assistant, robot girl extraordinaire, Lisa, to share the details. Take it away, Lisa!

So excited to be here today, Mae. I’m excited to be anywhere after 2020, if you know what I mean. I’m on the road because Craig published a new book. This is book number four in the hat series, and it’s titled “Lunar Boogie.”

This one has Lizzie, our budding monster hunter on the trail of a werewolf. She’s really no more special than anyone else, but…

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10 responses to “Guest Author Thursday: Lunar Boogie by C. S. Boyack #newrelease #superherofantasy

  1. Thanks for the nice words, Craig. I’m honored to be one of your auto-buy authors, just as I’m honored to host you today with Lunar Boogie. The story rocks!

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  2. Great to see your honored place at Mae Clair’s, Craig, and the celebration of your new release. I’m thrilled for you and the completion of Lunar Boogie. I bought it last night and started reading it. I really like Lizzie and the Hat and look forward to following this new adventure. Congratulations on this impressive accomplishment.

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  3. I’m on my way to check out the post, Craig! Congrats again on your new release! 😀 xo

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  4. Left a comment over there. 😉

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