C.S. Boyack’s #newrelease: LUNAR BOOGIE #paranormal

I’m over at Staci Troilo’s place today. Stop over as we discuss one of my side characters from Lunar Boogie. Staci is one of my Story Empire partners, and a fantastic author. Her blog is well worth following, and her books are must reads for me.

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! I’ve got a guest here today to discuss a new release, and most of you will guess who I mean just by me saying he has one of the most fertile imaginations I’ve ever seen. Surely if I mention will o’the wisps, talking yaks, or root monsters, you’ll know precisely who I’m talking about. That’s right—today I have C.S. Boyack here, and he’ll be discussing the latest in his “hat” series (always a fan favorite), Lunar Boogie. Take it away, Craig!

Thanks, Staci for the kind invitation to talk with your fans about my newest book. This one is called Lunar Boogie, and it’s the fourth volume in The Hat Series. All of them are on the short side, and you could read one on a Saturday afternoon. They’re kind of a dark comedy and involve two characters who form a symbiotic relationship that allows…

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4 responses to “C.S. Boyack’s #newrelease: LUNAR BOOGIE #paranormal

  1. Thanks for the lovely intro, Craig. And for sharing the post.

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  2. Great post, Craig. Wishing you all the best 🙂

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