I’m visiting with Gwen today

I’m over at Gwen Plano’s place today and the topic is comedy. Well, at least some of the comedy in The Hat Series. Gwen is a good friend, and one of my Story Empire partners. Check out her site and wares while you’re over there.

Hello, blog friends!

I’m excited to welcome C.S. Boyack to this site today. Most of you know and appreciate Craig through his books. He’s a prolific writer and amazing storyteller. His latest publication, Lunar Boogie, just became available, and Craig’s going to tell us about it. We’re in for a ride, because the entire series is laced with hilarious and unforgetable scenes.

C.S. Boyack has a wonderful way of taking reality and masking it in a fantasy. Through laughter and quirkiness, he opens our eyes to possibility. That’s no small achievement. 

Let’s see what Craig has to say! https://www.gwenplano.com/blog-reflections/boyack-is-on-tour-with-lunar-boogie


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6 responses to “I’m visiting with Gwen today

  1. Great tour stop, Craig. Best of luck! 🙂

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  2. Gwen M. Plano

    It’s a pleasure hosting you today, Craig. All the best!

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  3. Congratulations on firing off another masterpiece, Craig. I look forward to hooking up with all the characters that I have grown fond of, espec. The Hat. I went to Gwen’s post and enjoyed her feature of your book. It reminded me to tell you how much I like those graphics in your books, and I appreciate what you must go through to make that happen.

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