Rambles from the real world

I get a three day weekend once more. This is the end of my fun shift, then I get a short weekend in the middle before it starts all over again. This weekend wasn’t earmarked for writing, but it could still happen. Monday is probably my best chance.

Our daughter came overnight, and I wanted to spend any available time with her. She didn’t get to come on her birthday, so Old What’s Her Face wanted to take her out. Even this wound up being a compromise. She had to go home this afternoon to work Sunday.

When you write a series about a twenty-something female, it’s nice to compare notes with my daughter. She helps with some of Lizzie’s outfits, and knows some things I wouldn’t even think of. I’m good with monsters, freaky things, and even old-school music. When it comes to wrap dresses, nail art, and some of those things I appreciate the help.

We settled for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. We’re both so full, it will serve as dinner and lunch. Still ordered dessert to go, so that will suffice this evening. I had mine early, maybe I won’t have heartburn all night by doing that.

Saw a cool whale-tale Porsche in the mall parking lot. This one had custom paint. It was pink, but so dark it was nearly purple. Doesn’t mean anything, really, I just thought it was cool. It was obviously well loved.

Came home and caught the Derby. There might have been some future book research involved, but not to the extent that I failed to enjoy the event. He never stood a chance, but I liked the name of one horse, Soup & Sandwich. He actually started strong, but finished dead last. He was also a pretty blue roan. Also, lots of pretty girls in hats. That could play into a future story after I give it some thought.

As far as accomplishing anything, after our daughter left, I wrote one blog tour post. This one involves Lisa visiting someone and handing out a poster. I don’t have the poster yet, but feel like I am a step ahead. I don’t even have a blurb yet, so I’ll have to tag that onto any posts I get written after the fact.

We had an awesome thunderstorm this afternoon. Lots of lightning and a downpour the likes of something we haven’t seen in a year. The dogs were hilarious, running out in the rain to bark, then racing inside because it was raining so hard.

Sundays usually aren’t good writing days. I call my parents, mess with bulldogs and other important things. There should be time to pre-write more blog tour posts. That will be my goal.

When it comes to Monday, I’m off, will have the house to myself, might score some quality writing time then.

Hope all of you are having great weekends. I am.


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33 responses to “Rambles from the real world

  1. I had a whale tail 1988 Porshe convertible. The color was red cassis which was custom and did look purple. I loved that car.

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  2. Sounds like a good weekend. Enjoy the rest of it

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  3. Sounds productive. Though Cheesecake Factory always equals success. Can’t go wrong there. Why do people wear big hats at horse races?

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  4. What does your daughter do for nail art? Has she heard of Color Street? My wife found it, and loves it.

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  5. That’s great advice to consult with the children. If I didn’t write fantasy, I’d have to do that too, since my daughter thinks I’m still living in a cave when it comes to the trappings of modern life. Some things don’t change, but other things… overnight! A fun post, Craig. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.

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  6. We drove to Indy to see our daughter and grandson on Friday before he moved to California. Left yesterday. He met a girl, and it looks pretty serious. Our daughter’s coming here for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Always fun. Glad you had such a nice weekend and hope you can sneak in some writing time on Monday.

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  7. D.L. Finn, Author

    A night out at the Cheesecake factory sounds fantastic! Nice to get a helping perspective with characters too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

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  8. And now I want cheesecake! 😀

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  9. Love the image of Frankie and Otto running in and out of the rain! So cute. Now, I’m hankering for cheesecake. Thanks for that. LOL

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  10. I’m just catching up on blogs after my off-line weekend. You can definitely NOT go to the Cheesecake Factory and leave without dessert. 🙂 Glad you got some fun family time and how awesome that you can bounce ideas off your daughter. That is priceless. Hope you are having a good writing day today – because it’s now Monday. 🙂

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  11. The Cheesecake Factory has my favorite dessert ever – the Reese’s PB Cheesecake. And I eat every bite of it. Your rain must have come our way. We had some major storms last night.

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  12. Your rambles from the real world gave me a smile, Craig, thanks. I can imagine how the author of The Hat must’ve loved seeing all those hats at the K. Derby. And I liked hearing about your daughter’s influence in some of your writing details. Funny dog scene too.

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  13. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you had a nice late birthday visit with your daughter. The thunder storm does sound awesome, and I can imagine how funny the dogs were.

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