Flex day productivity

My only goal for today involved Lanternfish. Okay, there were two. I got exposed to someone with Covid, and had to get another test. My results were negative, so that was a goal, too.

I picked up Lanternfish with Mule and Yoshiko trying to retrieve his ghostly knife, also known as the black spot. This turned into a somewhat adventurous romp, and Yoshiko stepped from behind her veil of complaint servitude to show some gumption. I kind of like the way that turned out.

After that, I returned to the Palumbos. Everything is turning to crap for the Hollish invaders now, and while nobody will ever figure it out, they played a role in all that. As the battle lines collapsed, they were tasked with an important role by the Hollish General Staff. No spoilers here, but it put them in an unusual circumstance.

They murdered someone along the way, so there was a smidgen of adventure involved. I have mixed feeling about this, because the dead guy was a huge threat and I could have milked that a bit more. Words were flowing and I didn’t want to stop for deep thought at that point. Sometimes you have to move the story ahead. I might rethink this during my remaining commutes this week.

Note to self: Probably need to come up with the next root monster adventure, too.

These were short chapters, but accomplished quite a bit. I find moving the pieces around this board to be challenging compared to other stories I’ve written. I’ve done the different story lines before ala Tarantino, but this one is more complex than my previous work. Everything has to come together at the right times and places. Characters have to get misplaced along the way. It’s just more complicated.

Having said that, I’m having a good time with it. It think that bodes well for readers of the trilogy.

Next up is Serang and her most important adventure yet. This proved the perfect place to stop for the day. Having the Palumbos fall into another con game, and drive away with the goods allowed me to calm things down from the big Lanternfish battle. It’s about time for some martial arts warfare and I hope I can make it huge and fascinating.

I try to post a few word metrics, but didn’t keep count this time. The draft is at 51,000 words. By going back to my last update and doing a bit of voodoo, it looks like my Sunday and Wednesday combined came to just over 5000 words. Most of that was today, so it was a great day.

Since I’m Covid-free, I’m going back to the office to finish my work week. Might address Serang over the coming weekend.


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24 responses to “Flex day productivity

  1. Sounds like a good day, all told.

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  2. More progress on Lanternfish. Yay!!

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  3. That does sound like a good day. Sorry you had to get tested again though. I’ve had a few villains who were big threats, but I didn’t use them for as long as I’d have liked. It just didn’t work out that way unless I stretched the story out.

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  4. Double good news. A negative test and productivity with writing.

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  5. Gwen M. Plano

    Yay! The day sparked writing progress. Wonderful, Craig.

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  6. Sounds like a great day!

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  7. Yay for the negative result. Sorry you needed testing again. Hope they gave you sick days rather than losing more vacation time.

    Congrats on the productive day of writing! 🙂

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  8. Whew! So glad your COVID test was negative.
    Between that and such productive word count you’ve got lots to celebrate!

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  9. A productive and COVID free day – sounds like a good one!

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  10. A pleasure to hear about your writing activities, Craig, and boy, you must’ve done a little dance after that No Covid test result. yay.

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