Release Day – House of Sorrow #LegendsofMadeira

Joan Hall is a good friend, and one of my Story Empire partners. She has a new book out today, and everyone should run over there to check it out. Take a bit of extra time to share it to your social media from her site.

Joan Hall

Hey, everyone. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m delighted to announce the release of House of Sorrow.

This short story is a prequel to the upcoming novel Cold Dark Night, and part of my new Legends of Madeira series.

Madeira is a fictional town in New Mexico. The state is known for mountains and deserts, cities and villages, military bases and energy production. Santa Fe, one of the older cities in the United States, was founded in 1610. Taos Pueblo, home to the Native American Puebloan people is estimated to be between five hundred to one-thousand years old.

Some places, such as Clovis, came about in the early 1900s. My fictional town is one of the newer ones, dating to the late 1860s.

House of Sorrow is different than other books and stories I’ve written. There is an element of suspense, but also historical elements. Set primarily in…

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12 responses to “Release Day – House of Sorrow #LegendsofMadeira

  1. Bought my copy today and read it in one sitting. Loved it! Thanks for sharing, Craig 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the reblog, Craig. I appreciate your support.

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  3. Read this last night. Hope to have my review up today. It’s wonderful!!

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  4. I need to purchase this book!

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