Unexpected progress

This is my short weekend, and my wife is off at the same time. I never really expected any writing progress, so I’m pleasantly surprised.

I have a tree I need to prune and we wanted to check out a new restaurant while we still had some Biden Bucks in our account.

Old What’s Her Face insisted we hit the restaurant at 11:00, because it’s so new. A big lunch will require us to skip dinner, but it turned out to be a pretty good idea. When arrived, there was already a line down the sidewalk.

The place is called Sid’s Garage, and it’s a burger joint, but a really upscale burger joint. I had something called the Jekyll & Hyde burger. (Really, how could I pass up something with that name.) It had a grilled peach atop a Wagyu beef patty. It was wonderful.

We shared a basket of Parmesan truffle fries, and a small plate of flash fried deviled eggs. I’ve never even heard of something like this. They’re like the love child of deviled eggs and Scotch eggs.

They also have fancy milkshakes. It’s to early for beer, so I went for one that was peach and pralines with a bit of bourbon maple flavor to it. It looked like this. Oh yeah, there was a crumble of candied bacon on top.

I mentioned writing, so here’s that brief. I never planned on writing. Somehow, I wound up closing myself into an alternate room before lunch and tearing into my project. Before it was time to get ready, I dealt with moving Lanternfish into position for the big battle.

After a bunch of orders and prep, it was time for the cannon to roar and a whole new kind of trouble to face my crew. Exploding monks made an appearance, but I had to stop just before Mal pulled one of his witch doctor shenanigans to benefit the war effort.

I’m telling you, things were really working for me this morning. It came to 2500 words and I feel like I could have doubled that given the time.

Sometimes, you have to spend time with your wife and chow down on something incredibly bad for you. With that kind of word count, I think today was a big win all around.


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41 responses to “Unexpected progress

  1. Sounds like a big win. That milkshake looks like it might be addictive.

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  2. It sounds like you found an awesome new place for lunch. And that milkshake is sinful, LOL.

    Fantastic on the word count, too. I only managed 870 new words, but I edited two chapters and made a ton of WIP notes. Hooray for progress!

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  3. OMG, you get NO sympathy from me when you were eating a Jekyll and Hyde burger to die for, fries with truffles, and fried deviled eggs. I want some! And on top of that, a great word count and inspiration???? Woohoo! What a day!

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  4. I can have the milkshake for breakfast and lunch and dinner. Great progress and a wonderful family time.

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  5. That sounds like a perfect recipe for creativity. I ate a big cup of Maggie Moo’s ice cream today, after going out to lunch – feeling pretty great now 🙂

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  6. Congrats on the writing. Though a bigger congrats on that awesome milkshake.

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  7. This is a great post. Congrats on the word count. It sounds like a great place to eat. Our Biden Bucks got ate up by a new water heater and furnace.


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  8. Would you have had the one without the other, I wonder?

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  9. It sounds like a good meal, Craig. Sometimes you do have to spend time with your spouse. Well done on the writing too. I never make that kind of word count in one sitting.

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  10. Writing and a yummy snack! You win!

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  11. Sounds like a good weekend. That meal sounds wonderful and the milkshake looks heavenly!

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  12. D.L. Finn, Author

    That meal sounds incredible, Craig. I never would have thought to put a grilled peach on a burger and that milkshake, wow. So glad you were able to progress in your word count, too!

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  13. I’d totally wait in line to eat there. It wouldn’t be my first choice of flavor (always chocolate), but that milkshake looks divine.

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  14. Holy cow! No wonder people were lined up down the street! Congrats on that word count- it was a good weekend 🙂

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  15. That looks and sounds amazing! You’re making me hungry. Hey, maybe you found the secret sauce to writing: a sugar buzz. LOL

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  16. That peach and praline milkshake looks AMAZING!! You made an awesome word count, Craig. I love those kinds of unexpected surprises!

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