It feels like progress

Today was the first decent writing day I’ve had in a while. I didn’t exactly jump on it like a leopard from the trees, but it feels pretty good.

I allowed myself to sleep in, which kind of seems like the wrong thing to do. Then I spent my first hour reading back over portions of what I already had.

This is because I have three distinct tales unfolding in this book. Since it is the third volume of a trilogy, I assume readers will already know these characters, so working it this way ought to be easier to accept.

What I have is James and Lanternfish at sea, Serang deep inland on a specific quest, then the Palumbos who are stuck somewhere in the middle pulling off their con game.

I’ve been stuck at the Palumbos for quite a while. Readers know they are being deceptive in every move they make, but they still have a couple of big deals to put in play. Today, I forced the issue.

As a story boarder, this feels like a section between the index cards that I usually free write. It’s just a bigger deal than most sections. This bit is like the summit of the whole book. From this point on the stories will start converging.

My goal is to keep readers from seeing it that way, but as the author I look at it like that.

It’s about one page less than a chapter, so it was a reasonable day word wise. I didn’t count them, but maybe 1800 or so today.

I think this chapter needs a lot of work, but in budgeting my days, I may return to it later. Both James and Serang have huge events ahead of them, but I still need to set their stages to a small degree.

Fortunately, their events don’t hinge upon each other. Meaning, I don’t have as hard a time deciding which one comes first in the story. Something tells me I need to get James in action first so we can see more of the danger and devastation everyone is facing, so I’ll probably do it that way. It will make Serang’s section that much stronger.

I’m kind of excited about today. After this, it’s going to be major action for a long time, and while that is hard to write, it tends to move pretty fast. I’ll break it up with lulls, like a section Mule has to do. There are several other things.

Bottom line, I’m happy with my output today. I might get a chance to review this section while I’m in Nevada. Tomorrow, I want to hit it hard again.


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29 responses to “It feels like progress

  1. Sounds like you figured a lot of stuff out even if you didn’t get writing done. Piecing things together tends to be the hardest part anyway.

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  2. Sounds like all three parts are getting there. Congrats! Great progress.

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    It sounds like you got over the hump. Congrats!

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  4. I sensed a change in the writing atmosphere over here too, things might just be looking up. About time!

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  5. Yay. This all sounds great, Craig. Smiling at your news 🙂

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  6. Yay for good writing days and progress!

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  7. Hey, that’s progress. And that’s a win.

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  8. Productive writing days always feel so wonderful. Glad you worked through the road blocks and are surging forward again.

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  9. Hey Craig, this is good news! Congratulations! 💥

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  10. Progress is progress. Celebrate the victories.

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  11. I’m glad you had a great writing day. It is always nice when the words flow.

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  12. Victoria Zigler

    Great you managed to make some decent progress.

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  13. I have to read your posts to get myself going, Craig!

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