A writer’s lament

Hi, I’m Craig, and I haven’t written a new word for two weeks. I’m unlikely to get more next week unless something changes.

Sounds like an AA meeting.

The fact is, this has been the busiest week of the year at my workplace. I was heavily involved in prep leading up to all this, too. At some point, I kind of left it all on the field, to use a sports phrase.

Old What’s Her Face and I have had the same days off, too. This isn’t particularly useful when it comes to penning new material.

I have some leave coming up, and may get to do some writing then. However, I have a stockpile of errands that will interfere to a degree if I don’t plan things well. I have to get my truck serviced, and take care of a small repair. I also have to get it sniffed for pollutants. Then there is the matter of swinging by a hardware store for some blade oil for my chainsaw. My fruit trees need some tough love and it’s best done before the sap rises.

I’ve also promised to make a quick trip to Nevada to visit my parents, so here is a rough plan. I’ll get the truck taken care of Friday morning, then go find a station that can do my sniff test. Somewhere in that vicinity, I need to find any hardware store for my oil. I will leave directly from there for Nevada. That will kill Friday, but might salvage some other days for writing purposes.

Then there is the plot problem. I’ve been dwelling on it for weeks, but have an inkling of what I want. Nothing like a long car drive to help focus some of this. It isn’t like Lanternfish needs a new character, but I’m going to introduce one. My cons can keep a secret easily enough, but adding a third party to their game could introduce some extra stress. Stress is a good thing for characters.

Normally, in times like this I would switch stories. However, I’ve finished the draft of Lunar Boogie, and want to focus on Lanternfish. It’s probably crazy, because I lost two weeks that I could have been working on something else.

I also need to keep reading what I’ve already produced. That will help me sort out what cartoons I need to order for Lunar Boogie, and I need to put some thought into Lisa Burton promotional posters.

Lisa poses a different problem. How many pirate girls can I commission here? Same thing for Lizzie and the hat. It was simple enough to do when the first book came out, and even the second volumes. This deep into both series, it gets harder to come up with things.

I’ve had Lisa pose as Serang, then in Serang’s new armor. She’s posed as Lizzie the monster hunter, Lizzie the musician, etc. I’ll figure something out, of course, but it might be a few less than I usually do.

I’m looking forward to finishing the Lanternfish trilogy. I’m down to getting the last pieces in place before things really break loose. This is the middle slog, but there are some big things planned that I expect to almost write themselves.

On the bright side, I only committed to two books this year, and one of those is drafted. I have to keep things moving, because it’s already March, but I’m not in a bad position here.

I hope all of you are doing well, and not facing your own writing problems. I’ll sort mine out, then Lanternfish will move fast.


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47 responses to “A writer’s lament

  1. I am sure your muse will be back from vacation very soon. 💜🤞

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  2. Good luck with getting writing time. The Lisa issue doesn’t sound too bad. Maybe have her be in different pirate dress styles or dress up as historical pirates? I think there’s a lot of variety in the pirate look that you can utilize.

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  3. Two books in a year is great going, Craig. It is hard to fit everything in. I’ve had a very busy three months at work but hope to get back into writing in April. I also have some leave coming. All the best to you with the juggling.

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  4. It will be nice seeing your parents. Sound like that will be something they will like too.

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  5. With a few small adjustments, I could be using your AA introduction, myself. I only got one novel and one short novella published last year, before lockdown and dire despondency set in. And I hadn’t written a new word on my current WIP for nearly two months, until last week. Happily, I resolved a major plot question, finished off my draft of CH 5, and hope to get some serious writing done this coming week.

    But where you really blow me away is with working on several books/stories at once. I can barely keep one at at time straight! These days, my memory stinks so bad I’m not even going to try something like that. I’d have the Painter brother running around on Wake-Robin Ridge with Rabbit, or the like. I don’t know how you do it, much less do it WELL. But you do! Kudos to you, my friend.

    Enjoy your visit with your family, and happy writing! 😀

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    • Sounds like you’ve shifted gears. That’s what I need to do, but I downshifted. When I have two projects, they are always quite different. As an example, next is another story for Lizzie and the hat, but I might also start a space opera at the same time.

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  6. I think it’s two weeks since I wrote new words, too. I’ve been busy editing and drafting up plotting notes, working through the hurdles to come in my WIP. Kind of like what you’re doing with Lanternfish. I’d hoped for new words today, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Here’s hoping we both have more productive writing days soon!

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    • I know I’m going to have to write it out, then see how I feel about it. It has to work with their longer con game, but I think it will. I’ve made more notes on storyboards that are two years in the future than anything else.

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  7. Sound like a real challenge. I don’t know why it is so hard to find writing time these days. Life stuff keeps getting in the way.

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  8. Sounds like your subconscious is working things out and now all you have to do is put them on paper so you can finesse them. Are two projects this year going to be enough for you? Or are you planning on starting a new book and know you’ll have to finish it early next year?

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  9. There’s a time for everything. The visit with your parents will be nice.

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  10. I think your muse is going to love the drive. I suspect she’ll keep you busy throughout the trip. Enjoy your family. Corned Beef and Cabbage sound yummy.

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  11. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sounds like you have a good plan in place. Two books in a year is a wonderful output.

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  12. I’m having a similar problem. I need to return to my WIP, but I’m investigating a local murder and leads are heating up. Still, I need to find a way to juggle both projects, blogging, Zoom events, etc. One day at a time is all we can do, right?

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  13. I could easily have joined that support group over the past several months, but finally got my butt in gear. Still, two books in a year is nothing to sneeze at. Have a good trip!

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  14. You’ve written this, and that’s something!

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  15. We all suffer from the business of life getting in the way of our writing from time to time. You’ll get it all going again and when you do, the word count will be astounding. Enjoy the journey and don’t worry too much about the destination. That is the beauty of self-publishing. 🙂 It’s been great to see some of your older titles popping up on review blog sites.

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  16. Sometimes the paycheck job takes over 🙂 That long drive sounds great! I’m sure you’ll sort it all out.

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  17. Victoria Zigler

    Hope you have better writing time soon. I shut my right hand in a car door, and am facing six weeks where I can only use my left hand. Typing with one hand is too slow to do any real writing. Plus all craft projects are now on hold. I haven’t finished anything but a couple of poems this year, and it will be May before I can make any real progress. So, that’s where I am with writing right now.

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