I morn for the lost time

This weekend wasn’t a productive one for me. My wife was off, and we tend to hang out together. (Imagine that.)

We dedicated a bit of time complaining about how our furnace went out. This one is all computerized and the numeric codes don’t really tell us anything. She didn’t want to call someone over the weekend, because they gouge you. I’m okay with this, too. We’ve been using alternate sources to take the chill off and it has been decent weather as well.

We went to Old Chicago last night, masks and all, for beer and pizza. We also rented Monster Hunter with Milla Jovovich. (Don’t waste your time or money.)

What I didn’t do was write. I feel bad, because weekends are about all I have. I managed one page of dialog and that’s it. Dialog sections tend to have a lot of white space on the page, so there isn’t much as far as word count goes.

I am going to get an hour to myself today when she goes to town. Rather than force things, I’m going to spend my time reading.

I’ve run into a section in Lanternfish that requires some micro-plotting. You know I use storyboards with broad things I have to check off, but between the index cards, I occasionally run into something like this.

Normally, I would jump to another story, but I’ve finished Lunar Boogie, and am loath to start a new one until I finish Lanternfish. I know the next one up is Good Liniment and it will suck me in and keep me from Lanternfish.

What I need is a good solid twist in my story. Jumping projects usually makes one come to me. Perhaps reading will do the same thing. Next weekend isn’t looking like a good one for writing either. Hopefully, I can come up with my twist inside of two weeks.

Hope all of you are happy, productive, and warm.


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33 responses to “I morn for the lost time

  1. Sorry about the furnace and the pause in writing. Hope it all gets resolved soon.

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  2. Some days you just need the time away from writing.

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  3. Sorry that you didn’t get to write. Also that you watched Monster Hunter. I’ve heard that it’s not worth watching. How do you mess up a movie based on games that revolve around hunting giant monsters?

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  4. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sorry about your heater, Craig. I hope this writing pause gives you lots of ideas.

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  5. Sorry about the furnace. I hope things get better for you.

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  6. Apart from the furnace and the lack of writing it sounds like a good weekend. Enjoy what is left of it!

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  7. Maybe your brain’s just tired and needs some R&R. If it’s that, your weekend was productive. You’ll think of a wonderful twist. I know you will. I read John Howell’s list of things to do when you’re stuck and laughed a lot. Maybe one of those will work for you???? And if nothing else, you got to enjoy time with your wife. That’s a long term investment:)

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  8. It seems life has a way of changing our plans. But at least you got a good pizza and beer out of it! I hope your furnace is easily repaired and all returns to “normal” again. All the best!

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  9. Hope you get the furnace sorted soon, and can figure things out with the plot twist in time to have a more productive writing weekend next weekend.

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  10. It’s good to give your brain a break and time to refill the creative well.

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  11. I thought Monster Hunter could’ve been cut to 15 minutes and stuck on the real film as a prologue! 😀

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  12. Sucks about your furnace. Hopefully, it’s a distant memory by now.

    Reading usually does the trick for me, too. In fact, that’s how I plan to spend my afternoon…barring no distractions. 😉

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  13. Spending time with your wife sounds productive to me, Craig. 🙂 What I wouldn’t give to waste a day with Rick again. Hope the furnace repair is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Reading is always a great way to reboot for writing!

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  14. Pity about the furnace — you know how mine does, so you can be assured you have my sympathy. Every winter, replacing that diva son of a
    is a possibility 😦

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