The big squirrel festival

I had two goals today, and those didn’t have a lot of parameters. I wanted to go back over my existing work with a fine toothed comb, and I wanted to add some small amount of new words to Lanternfish.

What I didn’t plan on was the big squirrel festival in the back yard. This started off with one squirrel running down the fence then staring inside at the dogs as he waited.

That’s enough to make Frankie blow a gasket, so she had to chase him off. Another squirrel showed up, and the neighbor dog chased it away. The sound of her made Frankie have to go out and play, then they chased each other up and down the fence. I suppose the squirrels watched this part from the treetops.

Between bouts of this, more squirrels showed up, and we repeated the process all over again. Sometimes two of them at once.

Otto doesn’t care much anymore. This usually happens when a younger dog takes up the challenge, and Frankie is the younger of the two.

Somewhere in the middle of that, I managed to work through one chapter of Lunar Boogie, and one Chapter of Lanternfish. I still assume they suck, but I did what I could.

I also managed to add 1000 words to Lanternfish; not my most productive day. Even then, I resorted to root monster antics because they usually flow pretty fast.

There is a quiet and mysterious scene for Serang coming up. There will be some fantasy elements and a discovery involved. I just have to finish a chapter on the open sea before I can take that on.

I’ll try to dabble a bit more today, but right now I have to get up and let Frankie out. It seems there is a squirrel in the back yard.


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32 responses to “The big squirrel festival

  1. Squirrel festivals are fun to watch

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  2. D.L. Finn, Author

    I have the same issues with the dog and squirrel show in our backyard. I made the huge mistake of putting a so-called squirrel-proof bird feeder out there, it isn’t. Have a productive writing weekend.

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  4. We have bird feeders in our yard and lots of squirrels. Our dog doesn’t pay any attention to them. They scoot right past him to get to the seeds. But if our neighbor lets his dogs out, they race into our yard and the squirrels lead them on a merry chase. Glad you got a little work done between the entertainment:)

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  5. We call our squirrel “flounder,” so Lucy and Twiggy don’t catch on. When they see the squirrel, all hell breaks loose, including a body slam to the door. I now let them out if I can. Sounds like fun around there.

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  6. Squirrels are pesky little rodents at best, but they can be fun to watch. Or rather, watching dogs try to catch them is what’s funny.

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  7. All we have are squirrels battling birds until one of the stray cats makes an appearance. Had a rabbit get involved in the fight at one point. It’s rather fun to watch.

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  8. I spent fortunes on squirrel-proof birdfeeders. Those little guys love the challenge and always win. But I admit, they’re fun to watch. 😁 Sounds like you had a really productive day, even with all the distractions.

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  9. Hah! I understand how squirrels pester dogs. Our squirrel population has really… the neighborhood lab… I see more squirrels at work than home now.
    I let Sadie out today while I worked in the yard. She escaped the fence again. She came right back and went inside with easy suggestion, which is unlike her, and I’m really just so glad she didn’t get hit by a car or come back with a small creature in her mouth. Last week in the snows, she sat out there for over an hour staring at squirrels.
    Take your 1000 words and be glad, for tomorrow is another day 🙂

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  10. Reaven loves squirrel festivals, and chipmunk fests. I keep waiting for warmer whether when critters will keep her entertained most of the day.

    I managed 2300 words yesterday. I’m going to try for more today, Here’s wishing us both luck!

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  11. Squirrel-dog-root monster antics make for a good distraction, Craig, but it sounds like you’re making progress too. 🙂 Keep it up.

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  12. Root monster antics and quiet drama with Serang seem like perfect counterbalances for each other. I think you did well, especially given the squirrel drama.

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  13. It’s the birds and the neighbor’s cat that torment our cat, Bond. The birds seem to know he can’t get to them, and the neighbor cat (also a male) comes over so they can yowl at each other through the screen on the porch. Eventually they decide to take a break because someone gets hungry. Glad you were able to get some writing done even with the squirrel shenanigans!

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  14. Sounds to me like it wasn’t too bad as regards writing progress. I mean, considering the squirrel festival and dog racing going on, I think it’s a miracle you got anything done at all – whether you think the work is good quality or not. So well done.

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