The rest of the weekend

I spent some time writing on Sunday after I spoke with my parents. I didn’t keep track of the words, but it felt like about 2/3 of what I accomplished Saturday.

I left it seconds before the first volley of a sea battle. It should be easy enough to pick up when I get another writing day. I’m debating the value of sinking enemy ships, because it’s warfare now vs. still trying to loot them, because my characters are pirates.

Realistically, they would want to loot, but their enemies probably would not roll over like merchants might. It may seem like a dumb thing to ponder, but it felt like a good place to leave it.

I watched the second quarter of the football game, but just couldn’t get into it. That’s when I bailed for something on Netflix.

I know I’m late to the party, but I watched the first season of Jessica Jones. It’s Marvel, and I figured I might learn something.

I liked the show, and the characters. David Tennant was fabulously evil. The plot dragged a bit to me. I felt like the detective work was fairly realistic, but real detective work can be boring. In fiction, picking up the pace is a decent plan.

What I loved was the setting. I know sometimes my settings are a bit sparse, but this was a good reminder. It was a dirty inner city, and everything was wonderfully aged.

They had ancient 1960s era cabinetry that had been painted over, including those weird bullhorn flared knobs. All the wallpaper was aged and dated. Everything was magnificently dirty and broken. I even appreciated the grungy small sized tile outside Jessica’s apartment.

One scene in a basement involved aged bricks that led into old cinderblocks, right down to the salt those old blocks bleed after a period of time. I get it, block was cheap, so they reserved the brick for the public face. It adds a lot to the story.

This may sound odd, but it was a good reminder that setting can carry a big part of the story. I tried to take it seriously in Grinders, and it worked out well.

The lesson for me is to remember to do more of that. Doesn’t have to be a dirty inner city environment, but just to take it up a notch.

How about you guys? Does setting enhance your reading pleasure, or viewing in this case? Have you watched Jessica Jones? What did you think?


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35 responses to “The rest of the weekend

  1. Setting is certainly a big factor in what I’m reading, writing, and watching. I like to know the terrain that I’m spending mental time in. I have watched ‘Jessica Jones’. Saw all of the Netflix Marvel stuff actually. This one was fun to watch, but I felt it did drag a little in places. Not enough that I wanted to stop or rush since I sensed that it was supposed to be a slow burn at times. I thought the first season was the best of the 3 too.

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  2. I’ve never watched Jennifer Jones or any Marvel Netflix show that I can think of. But one of the things I really enjoy in the old Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot Agatha Christie TV series is the settings. Old manors, nightclubs aristocrats would visit, etc. The cars. The clothes. The settings add a lot to the stories. I try to remember so “set” the reader in place, but I have to work at it. It doesn’t come naturally.

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  3. Glad to hear you are going ahead so well, Craig. I haven’t seen a post from you for a while, but my work has been busy so I may have missed them. I haven’t had much time to write for the past 6 weeks. I really enjoyed Viral Blues.


  4. D.L. Finn, Author

    Glad t hear you got more writing done. You did a great job with Grinders and the setting. I can get lost in the plot and forget to add in a setting. Later, I have to go back and fix that. I haven’t seen Jessica Jones, and I’m a Marvel fan, but I doubt I have access to it. Watching downloaded shows is next to impossible here with our slow internet.

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  5. This all sounds great. Best of luck with everything 🙂

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  6. The right setting makes a world of difference. Good to find the right balance.

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  7. I haven’t seen that particular show, but in general, I think Marvel does a good job with their settings. I do pay attention to setting when I watch and read. I need to be better about it when I write. Sometimes I think I could include it more than I do.

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  8. I’ve never seen Jessica Jones, but I’m a huge fan of setting—whether watching something on TV, reading a book, or writing a book. I have a future SE post coming on on this. Often times, it’s setting I remember most from a book I loved.

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  9. I think setting can almost become a character in some books, and I enjoy when it does. I never got around to watching Jessica Jones, but I watched Daredevil – never finished once I heard it was canceled.

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  10. I think setting is much easier to depict well in a film/TV format. The viewer can get all the details, like the things you mentioned, without having the story drag. Describing everything in words that the eye can just pick up at a glance is going to slow things down too much.

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  11. As a reader, I like to be grounded in the setting. Too many details can work against the plot, though.

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  12. Loved the first season of JJ , but I think they burned through all the great stuff and were left with only the good, which wasn’t bad, but not up to S1 … setting matters to me too, but the trick is getting the right amount of setting without reading like a travel brochure. 🙂

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  13. I think you should keep your looting question in mind. It could be a distraction to the characters at a crucial time, while they stop to debate the matter. Or a good complication if some of them do stop for some looting and the others are caught in a vulnerable position.

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  14. Hi, Craig. It shows the date of this post as February 8th, but it just now popped up in my Inbox. That puzzles me and I find it strange. I have not watched Jessica Jones yet, but I have heard good things about it.

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  15. Happy to hear you are going on so well, Craig

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