Got a bit more accomplished

I arrived at the writing cabin in the pre-dawn hour.

Lisa let me in, and she was already in her seasonal outfit. Today she was a gingerbread girl complete with some kind of white piping sewn around the hem of her miniskirt. Candy cane striped thigh-high stockings ended just shy of her dress. “Wow! Two days in a row? It’s almost like old times.”

“Almost. I have to cut it short today, but don’t want to squander the hours I have.”

“Then you’d better get started.” She got behind me and pushed me toward the writing office.

I intended to get the ship underway, but still had a couple of loose ends to wrap up in Tusconi. I took care of those and managed to make sail before I stopped.

It only came to about 800 words today, but like I noted, there were limited hours available. The good news is that Lanternfish is finally underway.

Lisa looked over my shoulder. “I think it’s good stuff. A tearful departure and a thought toward loved ones.” She placed a little square gingerbread robot on the table before me. “Don’t run away. I baked these myself from a recipe on the Internet.”

I took a hesitant bite. “Mmm. These are good.”

“Whew! I’ve never tried anything like this before.”

“Why a robot?”

“Because robots are underrepresented in the Christmas lore. We’re starting a new tradition here. If my sculpting skills were better I would have tried some robot girls, like me.”

“Well, I think they’re delicious. You can work on it, and I’ll come back tomorrow. No writing, just a Christmas visit.”

“And my Christmas bonus? These gingerbread shoes aren’t cheap, you know?”

“Yeah. I’ll bring that, too.”


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27 responses to “Got a bit more accomplished

  1. Glad you got some things done.

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  2. Lanternfish is ready to sail again! Yay! Loved Lisa’s outfit:) Glad you got to your writing cabin today.

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  3. Good to see Lisa again, Craig. Who knew she could cook?

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  4. Hurray for progress! As far as robots in Christmas, I can only think of Robot Santa Claus from Futurama.

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  5. Hahaha. You better bring Lisa’s bonus next time. Congrats on Lanterfish!

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  6. Gwen M. Plano

    Such a great feeling when the WIP word count mounts! Congrats, Craig.

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  7. Dear Lisa is so great. Love her outfit and her spirit, and she’s right about robots being under-represented in the Christmas scenes. Sending smiles and yuletide greetings to you and Lisa and all the robots. Cheers, Craig.

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  8. Lisa has an outstanding fashion sense.

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  9. I love these writing cabin posts. And Lisa’s holiday outfits sound very fun and festive.

    Glad your stories are moving along, even if a bit slower than you might like. Also glad you were able to arrange for a new fridge, and your time out for your wife getting Covid is over.

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