Back in action

I got to the writing cabin fairly early this morning. Lisa Burton met me at the door wearing a green and white mini-dress with matching elf cap. “What are you doing here?”

“I work here from time to time, remember?”

“I though you were getting a refrigerator delivered today.”

“That’s tomorrow. Rather than squander a whole weekend, I decided I’d better accomplish something today.”

“And which project is it going to be?”

“Huh? Don’t worry about changing clothes. I like the festive look.”

“Oh, good. I was just about to use the hot glue gun to put tiny bells on these pumps.” She held up a pair of metallic green heels.

“Sounds like a plan. I’m going to launch Lanternfish if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Okay. I have to make your coffee, then I’ll bring you a cup. You might hear me jingling as I come down the hall.”

“I hope so. 2020 has been kind of a gloomy year and any little bit of cheer is welcome.” I marched to the writing office and could see my breath in the air. Lisa had already provided kindling and wood, so I made a fire in the fireplace before I got started.

I opened my chapter by sliding Lanternfish from dry dock into the water. It takes some time to outfit a ship this size and I needed to respect that. I used the time to define some relationships, mostly between James and Bonnie. They are always parted on these journeys, and that’s pretty realistic for the era. I decided to spend some time with them as a couple.

I also spent some time reintroducing a few other characters. The overall trilogy seems to have a cast of thousands, and I can’t expect readers to remember all of them. Since it’s still early, a line or two seems more helpful than not.

Lisa jangled into my office with coffee. Somewhere along the line she’d managed to accessorize with an enameled bracelet and necklace of holly leaves and berries.

“Where’d you get those?” I pointed to her wrist.

“Cute, huh? I found them on EBay for a steal. As a bonus, Bunny likes to chew up the boxes.”

“You’re a little tall for an elf, but your heart’s in the right place.”

She leaned in close. “I don’t have a heart. There is a hydroponic layer to keep my skin healthy.”

“I know that. It’s a figure of speech. Means you have the right spirit.”

“Thanks. You type away. I’m going to go do my nails. There are boards of Christmas nails all over Pinterest.”

“Have a good time.”

I pecked away at my project, and ended at 3200 words for the day. I like this chapter, but there’s nary a cannonade in sight. Plenty of time for fantasy sea monsters and naval warfare after they leave the harbor.

I also like the way that Serang has been up to her neck in warfare in the preceding chapters. I think it adds a sense of urgency that readers can pick up on, even though the Lanternfish crew has no idea.

Tonight is all about packing all our food into the tiny freezer and a group of old coolers. Hopefully, getting the new one delivered and installed won’t be an all day affair, but my experience with such things hasn’t been good. If this is all I manage to write, so be it.

In other news, I worked through all my critiques for the other story. My group really didn’t like my title, so I changed it. The book about Lizzie and the hat is now called Lunar Boogie. Probably jump to that one next go round.


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26 responses to “Back in action

  1. Having read Voyage of the Lanternfish and moving to HMS Lanternfish, I can understand the construction you describe. Best wishes on the third. Not sure if I should read HMS or Mrs. Molony next. Well, I’ll work it out. Have a super weekend.

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  2. I like the Lunar Boogie title. Forgot the original though. Sounds like great progress.

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  3. Sounds like a productive day. Good luck with the delivery tomorrow.

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  4. I’m trying to picture Lanternfish in my mind and how it’s progressing, and so far, I’m happy. Serang and battles. then James and Bonnie. I’m glad you spent some time with them, because I sort of lost track of Bonnie in the last book. You haven’t been very nice to her, just saying. First, you locked her between walls and almost starved her to death, then you left her on her own for an entire book. She needs a little love, and it adds to James’s character that she’s the love of his life. We don’t feel that very often. Glad you’re showing it this time.

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  5. Sounds like a great writing day, Craig. I hope all goes smoothly with the new fridge/freezer tomorrow 🙂

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  6. Sounds like a productive day. Love the new title: Lunar Boogie. Good luck with your fridge delivery today!

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  7. Having recently read a book that was wall-to-wall battles, Craig, I must say that a readers needs some down time from all that anxiety and battle hype. Exactly what you have described doing here, is what I thought this author needed to do.

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  8. Gwen M. Plano

    Congrats Craig. I envy your productivity. Lunar Boogie sounds like a winner!

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  9. Fantastic that you got to visit the writing cabin, Craig! Love all of Lisa’s accessories. 🙂 Great word count accomplishment! And I love the title of the new Lizzie and the Hat book. Oh, the possibilities that title conjures up! Good luck with the fridge!

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    • I liked the old title, too. My critique partners pointed out the intentional misspelling as a pun might not be seen that way from first time readers. This one is pretty good. It seems even 2020 can’t get Lisa down. She’s still enjoying the season.


  10. I’ve just finished ‘Moloney’ and you did a brilliant job with it! I think I’ve told you before that I love the ‘Hat’ series best. So, it was a real treat hopping back into Lizzie’s universe. ‘Lunar Boogie’ has me so interested… at a guess, I’m saying werewolves???

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  11. Lisa gluing bells to her pumps makes me think of Pavlov’s dogs, except that it’s men drooling at the sound of her nearing.
    Lunar Boogie has my attention!

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  12. Glad to hear you’re cranking ahead, Craig, making headway on your many projects. I think Lisa is the hottest and coolest creature on this earth.

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