Ugh! Life gets in the way

I probably owed you guys an update yesterday, but here we are. This is my short weekend, and my wife is off, too. That doesn’t typically add up to much word count.

Today, we had to buy a new refrigerator. The old one started leaking on the inside, then freezing in the lower drawer. Before it ruins the kitchen floor we decided to bite the bullet.

My intent was to put it on my Sears card. They took our Sears store away, so that was the first obstacle. We found what we liked at Home Depot, but the card got denied.

I called Visa from Home Depot, and got some mush-mouthed guy I could barely understand. It was kind of like talking to Kevin the vampire over the phone. Eventually, we figured out that my credit limit wasn’t high enough.

It always was, but since we haven’t used it for a few years, they must have lowered it. I managed to get it sorted out and delivery is all set up.

After that, we decided to go to lunch. Old What’s Her Face and I haven’t really been out since this whole Covid mess started. We wound up at Old Chicago for pizza and beer. It was always one of our favorite places and I got to sample a couple of different holiday stouts.

Like I said, doesn’t make for much word count. I’ve been able to add minor amounts to my stories in the evenings, but have a hard time writing with noise and distractions. I’m only doing it, because there is no other option.

Right now, the story about Lizzie and the hat is further along at 24,700 words. Wreck of the Lanternfish is standing at 15,000.

I really need to nudge Lanternfish along. I tend to rush through some parts, but should detail some of the gyrations. Fantasy readers expect a bit more word count, and the environment is interesting. I’m at a point right now where I have to just write those parts and assess everything at the other end. Sometimes it’s easier to fix it than it is to fuss about how I’m going to write it.

I doubt I’m going to get anything else done this weekend. We have a few chores set for tomorrow and those shouldn’t be put off.

My banishment for Covid is over now and I can return to the office. I had to serve my wife’s entire sentence, then another two weeks of my own. She was the one who caught it, but I had to be out longer. Doesn’t make any sense to me, but I get to go back Monday. Hope I’m not too far behind.


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42 responses to “Ugh! Life gets in the way

  1. At least you got some beer samples. The fridge part sounds frustrating. We had that happen a few years ago with the whole simply dying with no warning. That is odd about the covid sentence. Think things are similar with myself and other people I know.

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  2. Glad all got straightened out on the fridge. Have a great week, Craig.

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  3. Our weekends are becoming no go areas these days, so concentrating harder during the week. Too soon to tell if it’s working though…

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  4. That sounds like a frustrating phone call. Glad you got there in the end. Fingers crossed the delivery goes smoothly. Enjoy your Sunday, Craig 🙂

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  5. What a nightmare. Glad you got it all sorted out in the end. Have a great first day back.

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  6. Sounds like you had some good moments over the weekend, even if the word count didn’t go up much. And you have a new refrigerator to show for it, too. Yay! And SUPER BIG YAY for being off restrictions now. (Would that we could all say the same.) Have a great week, Craig! 🙂

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  7. Sucks about the fridge. That’s never a fun endeavor. Exciting about the new Hat being at 27K. I’ve been patiently waiting to dive into my last Hat book. Other commitments and the holidays keep getting in the way. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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  8. Hope your wife is doing fine and glad to hear you didn’t catch the darn thing. Sorry to hear about the refrigerator saga – what are you going to do?
    A good beer can fix a lot of things!

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  9. Gwen M. Plano

    I’m so pleased you’re both liberated. YAY! It’s definitely a pain dealing with broken appliances. Our dishwasher of two months died. The repairman didn’t even look at it, because he’d already handled dozens. It turns out that our particular dishwasher has a manufacturing error. Of course, that raises the question of why did the salesperson push it on us? Oh well…another 2020 day.🙄

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  10. It’s a bummer about your refrigerator. We had to get a new one a couple of years ago, and living out of the old one with bags of ice in the freezer to keep things cold got really old. Hope you’re coping well. And glad you got a pizza out of the deal. For all your interruptions, you’re making great progress on both books. yay! I’m a Lanternfish fan.

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  11. Your quarantine was probably to cover you picking anything up at any point in OWHF’s ‘infectious stage’, so when she stopped being infectious that’s when your quarantine began.
    A pox on all banks!

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  12. Purchasing any appliance these days is major. Glad you got it all sorted out. Yes, Sears stores have gone away and it’s just another thing to add to the list. Glad you enjoyed a dinner out. That’s a rarity these days too. Monday will most likely be a struggle, but I’m sure you can handle it. Hang in there!

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  13. Good luck on your first day back.

    Yes, credit card companies will lower your credit line if you don’t use them. Doesn’t seem fair.

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  14. Nice to hear the next hat installment is coming along. I’ve just started Mrs. Moloney (over the weekend), and am all jazzed for more hat goodness!

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  15. Glad you got everything sorted and the new fridge is installed. At least you were able to try a couple new beers!

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